Tuesday, October 9, 2012

No Aloha from SUPS for SUPS

Its been a few days since the last swell. It was one of those that you didn't think would end. For me it was half and half week long session. I surfed some sessions Stand Up Paddle Surf Style and some on my 6.0 fish. The bummer was when the SUPS guys rolled in they forgot the SUPS Aloha.

First, this was at a spot that isn't a spot known as a SUPS spot. What I mean is it's not like down at San-O where the line up is mostly, if not all Stand Up Paddlers. There is an occasional SUPS out here and the crowd tolerates with under-the-breath mumbling. The locals konw who is who and those who are not the who of who's have once chance to make a name for themselves.

Wave hog, kook, and yard-sale were more or less the names that could label the Stand Up Paddle Surfers that were out on the days I surfed/SUP'd. It was a bummer. A long list of no's no's occured, some unique to our Stand Up Paddle Surfinig sport, others inherent to the world of surfing.

Be a SUPS Ambassador. Paddle with a little Aloha.