Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Battle Of the Paddle

Stand Up Paddle Surfing's "The Battle of the Paddle" is less the three weeks away. Rainbow Sandals is going all out and putting on a first class event. This event is for the racers and for those watching. It's going to be a great time and you should either participate or come and hang out. This is one event that you'll be sorry you missed out on. Invite your friends and come say Aloha! Saturday, October 11, 2008

October 11, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pre Dawn Paddle

So...excited (not) that it's way too dark at 6:00AM I head down to KPapa's. Wind is howling in the wrong direction but it has been backing off as the sun comes up. I get there and Tracey is already out. Not much in waves but what does come through is really clean, regardless of the wind. The most fun of the morning was paddling with a pod of dolphins for a few hundred meters. One almost takes Tracey down, lucky for her it wasn't that pit-bull sea-lion that has been hunting her down.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

45 Minutes of Fun

Now that the swell has backed down and everybody is back into the "seasonal swing" of things the beaches seem a little more inviting. Anybody that lives next to the water understands this. Better parking, no lines, lighter line-ups.... yeaaa.

It usually happens to most of us right around this time. Just as we're all getting a little tired of the summertime situation, school goes back in session and the fun begins. Today was one of those days. Having the option to stay longer, after 45 minutes of decent surf with limited crowds it was satisfying enough to just get out and start the day off right.

Paddled with Aloha!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Blah blah crowds

If you look closely there is a guy beach boy style in the background. there's lots of paddles and boards and some standing up, just not all at once. this one qualifies to be posted, solely because of the fun factor!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


CrowdSourcing- kind of. Taking that it's a business term and this morning seemed a little more business-like down at our favorite Stand Up Paddle Surf spot. Our humble Kaulapapa is an SUPS friendly sanctuary. Allow me to break it down.

The short board mentality of "I gots it" or the whistling and calling people off waves is not welcomed, by us that Stand Up Paddle Surf here every day whether it's good-n-glassy or big-n-blown-out; nor by the other wave riders and gliders that cohabit K-Papas with us. And it's a sanctuary because unlike neighboring counties where it's not a legal action to go Stand Up Paddle Surf in your backyard, we are limited in these here parts.

Which brings me back to Crowds. Nobody likes it when you roll up with a dozen (or 25) of your buddies. Especially with the burnt out attitudes. This sport is all about the fun, and Kaulapapa's is a wave that facilitates it. It's not Pipeline where there's barely room for one waverider. Don't let the rumors be true, "all of a sudden a SUP'r showed up and ruined everybody's day". Don't be that guy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Weekends

Here's the bird's eye from the stand up paddle this weekend. Don't forget to about the Ta-Hoe Nalu Paddle event this weekend.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lights Camera Stand Up Paddle Action

This morning we wrapped up the shooting for an international piece on the sport and lifestyle of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. It was an awesome opportunity to share with others around the world the passion and Aloha from some of us here in So Cal. I'd like to give a little mahalos to all that took their time to participate in way shape or form. Mahalos to Ron House, for taking some time from his master shaping of the new 12'6" race boards (for the Battle of the Paddle)...can't wait for those to be finished. And to EJ for his time showing off his beautiful hand made wooden paddles. Brad thanks for volunteering extra boards and equipment for the shoot that never happened.... I won't even go there. Pat from Rainbow Sandals for coming down and surfing with us. Can't forget the local morning lineup; Dennis, Jon, Michael, G-Money, Brandon and out star wahine Tracey.

A special thanks for nothing goes out to the...... ah never mind, it all worked out. If it didn't happen they way it went down we probably never would of got the surf footage we captured this morning...and brah was it good. Right on Jon & Tracey.

Fo' reals though, a special thanks to my new friends from on the other side of the pond for making this all possible, vielen dank! We look forward to seeing the final production in October!

Sharin' the Aloha- globally,

Monday, August 11, 2008

Sweepers Sweepers man your brooms

"Sweepers Sweepers man your brooms" was something I heard while in the Marines deployed on the Navy's vacation cruise ships. Funny thing. I've heard the "others" refer to us Stand Up Paddle Surfers as sweepers and had a good laugh with myself. I've read other non SUPS blog sites using the terms sweepers, janitors, oarers and some other descriptive and colorful names. All worth the chuckle I get but never rating more than that until now. I have to share this one, showing a sweeper. Down in Encinitas they made a "sweeper" statement a while back. I thought it was worth repeating.

And "oarers" that all you got!?

Paddle with Aloha sweepers.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lucky number seven

This morning we did a seven mile Stand Up Paddle. It was a really enjoyable experience. Not a blistering pace, had a couple pit stops, tried to surf an outer local reef without putting holes in the bottom of out boards, you know who you are. It was a blast. It didn't seem like 7 miles until you picked up the board. Good fun. And it was a pleasure meeting all the new faces.

Paddlin' with Aloha

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy 808 Day

For all the Hawaiians out there, you know.

Today was quite the adventure. Lots of challenges and fun. The surf started out decent, small inconsistent and overcast. Then the sun came out, surf picked up, cleaned up and had nice shape. I'd call it 2-3' but it was implied today that I have a broken measuring stick. And apparently a poor thermometer because the water is always warm to me.

We're up to something over here at, not sure what but it is good. Stay tuned for the goodness.

Who's the man!?

Awesome hand crafted custom exotic wood paddles.

So what's up with the video crew? What are the Kingz up to...... da da dahhhhh....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Small Surf Small Stand Up Paddle Surf Board

Summer seems to finally be here. The coastal eddy has lifted for us the past week almost. Days are warmer. We've had some pretty decent swells for the most part of the summer. Today seemed more summer-ish than lately. Ron House had a new little toy, see pic below. Looks like fun.

Here's a couple more from this morning. Click for more SUPS photos

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Beautiful Monday Morning

So it's Tuesday and I'm still thinking about yesterday morning. Sunny- hasn't happened in a while, small fun little waves and small crowd. Fun fun stand up paddle surfing fun.

laddahs- hoku

Paddle with Aloha

Thursday, July 31, 2008

SUPS South

We've had a pretty good summer when has come to waves. This morning was another wave filled morning. The south showed up over night and greeted us with brownish water and fast lines. Today's phase that payz was "wave selection". Outside bombers had some corners on them, my first wave was a couple feet over head and fast enough to make me up. Inside was tons of fun, as usual. I just took more "on the head" than usual. More in Stand Up Paddle in store bright and early. See you in the water; KPapa.

Paddle with Aloha

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surf Relations

Two by two we paddled to the waves. There was a great response to us SURFING in the line up with the rest of the wave sliders. Everyone was stoked, we were spotting the sets for the line up. This is what the spirit of the Sport of the Kings is all about, Aloha. Everyone was having fun, no attitudes, just good fun. And this is not a heavy Stand Up Paddle Surf spot.

Others see Stand Up Paddle Surfers having the ability to catch a lot of waves. I agree, however, I know most of the waves I surf are passed up by the packed line-up, and I see a lot of my fellow Stand Up Paddle Surfers do the same. As a matter of fact, I'm seen most of the time sitting on the inside of the short boarders and having a blast. I do not deny that there are KOOKS in the Stand Up Paddle Surf community, just as there are KOOKs on long boards, short boards, boogie boards, in cars on the freeway, etc, etc, etc. That's just there attitude in life. There are a bunch of bitter souls in this world and when they see everybody but themselves having fun they boo-hoo and poop themselves. It's the Sport of the Kings, we can only expect others to hold themselves to a higher standard.

So Aloha to all you Kings that share the wave wealth. Stand Up Paddle Surfers, long boarders, short boards, and all the others who have a love of the slide. And to the kooks who don't get it, we'll pray for you.

Paddle with Aloha. Peace out.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shark Week

If you see a decline in the lineup this week it could be of the mental terrorism of sharks on the Discovery channel this week.

And since we're talking about shark week, find the humor in this if you will. Found it on
"Alert: If it wasn't bad enough with the recent spate of shark incidents/sightings, mother nature has now decided to flank us from the rear - two young mountains lions have identified by authorities as roaming the hills together on Camp Pendleton. Keep you eyes open!"

Friday, July 25, 2008

Fun from yesterdays SUPSession

Here's a fun shot from yesterday's Gerry Lopez and Ron House Stand Up Paddle Surf demo. Hoku helo on the Ron House Hoku Honu custom. This was taken by Kevin- mahalos for the shots. More of his shots will be posted on shortly.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ron House Gerry Lopez Stand Up Paddle Surf Gathering

This morning at Kaulapapas (K-Papas) Ron House and Gerry Lopez in hosted by RPS had a board demo session. There was about 25 SUP Surfers in the water. Different levels of expertise, from Gerry Lopez level to the first time in the surf. Jimmy from Quick Blade was there. Everybody was out having good fun!

Met a lot of new friends out in the water today... Alohaz to all ya'll. The surf was better than the picture tells. Hope to see you in the water again.

Sign up for our Stand Up Paddle Surf newsletter to be the first to see the new boards coming out soon. One resembles the Hoku Honu.

Momma Mia Bond Stand Up Paddle Surfs!!!

Kingz of the Coast

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Offshore fun

Surf was clean this morning. Offshore winds and chest to head high waves, a little inconsistent with the tide but it was sooo much fun!

This is from the SC Ocean Festival- Kyle Mo rippin on his Ron House 8'11'. Photo by Pat.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ta-hoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle Surf event

There is a swell running in SoCal. Gerry Lopez is in town this weekend for his movie premier tonight. It's been good fun surfing with you again Gerry. Tomorrow is the SC ocean festival, go check it out!

Just under a month the 2nd Annual Ta-hoe Nalu Stand Up Paddle event is going down. Looks as if its going to be a great event. B-e-a-utiful paddle, totally worth it alone. Hope to see everyone up there.

For more info check out for this event and more to come.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surfing's Battle of the Paddle

Before I get in to Stand Up Paddle Surfing's Battle of the Paddle coming to Dohney Beach I have to say, fun surf this morning. More than enough to go around. Waist to occasional chest/ shoulder high lines. Good Fun SUPS fun!

Ok... So the rumors are flying around about the First Annual Rainbow Sandals Gerry Lopez Battle of the Paddle. Below is some basic info:

October 11, 2008
Doheny State Beach, Dana Point CA

  • Stand Up Paddle Races for all levels, Elite Race and Age Group Race
  • $25K Prize Money and plenty of age group trophies
  • Stand Up Paddleboard & Paddle Manufacturers Expo
  • Music, Food & Family Fun
  • Awards Ceremony & Concert the evening of October 11 at the Surfing Heritage Foundation
  • All proceeds from this event to benefit the Doheny State Beach Interpretive Association and Surfing Heritage Foundation

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kingz of the and Stand Up Paddle Surf

Wow... big consistent surf today....NOT! But hopefully Hurricane Elida will give us some SUPS fun for the weekend. With the San Clemente Ocean Festival's Stand Up Paddle Surfing Contest this Sunday a good south could make it FUN.

Oh and like the title of this posted hinted...some changes coming soon to the world of . You'll want to stay tuned fo' sure. Back to work!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunset Stand Up Paddle

The winds were on it early today, so it was a lazy day. Cruised down to Dana Point Harbor with my wife. We like to hang out by the launch ramp and watch people wreck their stuff. It usually goes down like this; husband goes and gets the truck & trailer and leaves the wife and kids hanging out by the boat. He backs up the trailer up, she does the best she can and it gets crazy from there. Yelling and screaming.... good times.

Anyways, while hanging out we saw a couple guys that had a 6-8ft shark in their bow. Suddenly I felt the urge to go paddle.... weird. So after one stop for some ice cream I grab my Stand Up Paddle Surfboard and head down to the water. It's later in the day on a Sunday and as I drive down the wind is still blowing, the tide is high and the burnt beach-goers are calling it a day.

Head winds blowing, I paddle north and follow the sun's reflection in the water. 40 minutes later I make the turn-around and get ready for the ride back. Same winds now blowing on my back and 2-3 ft ocean swell I make the run south in half the time.

Get back in time to watch another day end with sand in my toes.

Playing around and included a map of the paddle. 40 minutes one way/ 20 minutes back. Good fun. Stand Up Paddle Surf Blessed.

View Larger Map

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surfing on the 4th of July

This is one of those, "You wouldn't believe me if I told you" moments. Before the marine layer overran the morning line up we SCORED great waves, great conditions, grrrrreat times. Oil glass surface, fun 3-4ft A-frames, clean clean clean lines. Nobody really out considering it was the fourth of July and no injuries to report. We only had an hour to surf so about 7:30 we paddle in. The wind starts to blow, the marine layer swallows the beach, less the a mile of visibility and the line-up becomes the traditional 4th zoo. We leave, there is already a huge line to get in, and we're grinning ear to ear knowing that what we just experienced was a gift from above.

Paddled with Aloha!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Chumming the waters

Cubito and I get there early. Surfs kinda drained out with the extreme tides but it's showing potential, some nice shoulder high peaks at times. We paddle out and catch a couple fun waves. I'm still diggin' on this 9'6" Stand Up Paddle Surfboard Ron House shaped. It surfs real well and I'm having a blast.

So I catch this wave and do a floater on over the whitewater, come down and go up for another. The board and me are sideways in the soup and I should of just jumped off. But I try and muscle through it cause it's small enough day, when the board gets shot up from under my feet. SMACK my head hits the board, click on the pic if you look close you can see my hairs in the fiberglass and left over skin. Apparently as I try and protect the rest of my head, a little too late, the board slices my arm.

It was a bleeder so I got out. There known Great Whites that hang out where we were surfing this morning so I didn't want to become breakfast.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

San Clemente Ocean Festival

Just a reminder, since it's the 1st of July, that this years San Clemente Ocean Festival is featuring two Stand Up Paddle events. On the 19th is the race and the on the 20th is the SUPS contest. Check out Stand Up Paddle Surf Championship for more info.

This mornings session was on the weak side, but it was still fun. Swell has faded and looks like that's what's left on tap for the rest of the week. Overcast, no surf, upwelling colder water...could be worse...could be.......

Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday morning is best with a little SUPS

So the tide was "high" and the surf wasnʻt. There were some set waves that came in that made to paddle out the made you paddle back in even faster. It was still the best way to start a new week. Stand Up Paddle Surfing with some friends is good fun.

We were camping this past week. Had a chance to share some stoke with some new friends from San Diego at Dana Point Harbor. April (stand up video) and her husband Eric were camping also so we had a chance to get Eric in the water. He had never surfed nor paddled at all so this would be his first time in flat water on a Stand Up Paddle Surfboard. Once in the water I had him do some basic drills, he got comfortable and I showed him a couple other techniques and boo-yah!!! Another Hoe Hee Nalu addict! How much of an addict you ask? He was so amped on the gliding across the water I hooked them up again with Ron House and Eric picked up his new Stand Up Board and paddle while still on vacation and was able to get some water time. I got some video of husband and wife playing on their new toys. I evened had the pleasure of paddling with her brother Spence and son Dane one afternoon. Stay tuned for the video...who knows whatʻs on it, me wifey was videoing!?

See you in the water - in the morning - aloha!

Friday, June 20, 2008

More Stand Up Paddling at the Harbor

It was early afternoon and I get a phone call from a buddy wanting to go paddle. His friend is coming down from L.A. and has tried SUPS once before. With the wind and the swell we decided to have fun and head to the flat water. We cruise from baby beach and head over to disappearing beach and mess around. Tony is paddling around and getting the hang of his turning. Cubby and I are working on balance drills and Cub is nailing it. We make a lap around Dana Point Harbor and Tony is up for some more SUPS fun at disappearing beach. Tony started running out of gas so we paddled back over to Baby Beach and called a day... a fun day!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stand Up Paddling the Promise Land

On the way down to the Promise Land.  The fog was in and out but the waves were consistent.  Paddled out and caught a couple waves out front.  A few waves later we found ourselves at the Promise Land with big racey lefts and rippable rights.  Good fun... waves for everybody.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Aprilʻs new Stand Up Paddle Surfboard

Down at Dana Point Harbor this morning, April was paddling her new Stand Up Paddle Surfboard. We did a lap and went over some basic paddling and handling techniques. Sheʻs stoked with her new Ron House Stand Up Board.

Hooked up with Chris and the Magic for a little talk story. He was sporting a inflatable SUPS board- interesting. No travel issues, deflate and roll it up.

Met a couple or SUPSers, Steve, Dave... wasup!

See you in the water, bright in early. K-papaʻS

Hoku out.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing Championships

This event will be held during the San Clemente Ocean Festival on Sunday July 20th. This is the first Stand Up Paddle Surfing Championship ever held during the Ocean Festival. On July 19th the Stand Up Paddle Surf Race will be help, like last year.

As for the Stand Up Paddle Surf Contest, the event is open to everyone! Judging is based on progressive & classic maneuvers and style (50%-50%) and the use of the paddle will be part of the judging criteria. The contest is on the North Side of San Clemente Pier. There is a TOTAL (men and ladies), TOTAL of 24 openings in this event so if you want in you best bust a move. If you got questions contact Jack Sutter, 949.481.1205 or

As for the Stand Up Paddle Surf Race, July 19th, 8:30am 10k. Get your paddle on!! You can register for the race at

Last of the swell

The last swell is still trickling in. Go a get wet if you can. The sun is coming out and itʻs looking like another beautiful day to Stand Up Paddle Surf in Southern California.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kapaps Stand Up Day Dos

Check out more Stand Up Paddle Surf

For more Stand Up Videos from the Kingz of the

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday and some Stand Up Aloha

Great little nalus that needed to be caught... and they were. Check out for some more Stand Up Paddle Aloha.

Monday, June 2, 2008

SUPS in Forbes Life

This month's copy of Forbes Life [june 08] is blasting the cover with Laird charging Teahupoo. I wouldn't get to excited...seeing the cover I thought there would be a better spread... page 58 & 59, right after the million dollar Bugatti... you decide. How good is it?

So Laird charging Teahupoo, on a Ron House custom Stand Up Paddle Surfboard, on the cover of Forbes Life. The real question is, why would a beach bum have a subscription to Forbes?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Morning Fun

Good fun this morning. Conditions we clean with small, small surf. Nevertheless good fun. In the lineup there was some extra smoothness. Gliding on some nalus was the one and only, Gerry Lopez . We had a blast considering the set waves were only chest high. Tracy, Ron, Sparky and Li’a (not sure how she spells it but she’s a local girl I’ll spell it Hawaiian Style) all out enjoying the ocean. With waves like today, Stand Up Paddle Surfing let’s you get out and get wet and surf!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Lesson dos

I have to make a quick entry on April's progress. The swell started to fill in on Monday morning and there was a lot more motion on the ocean than on Saturday. We paddled out through the "bay" which is a lot less forgiving than other beaches. She was up and paddling looking really comfortable out there. We paddled around for about an hour or so and she was owning it. She's hooked on Stand Up Paddling, next lesson is Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

Paddle with Aloha.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surf Stoke

This morning I had the pleasure of spending time in the water with Eric, April & Caleb and sharing the joy of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. This was a great Stand Up Paddle Surf lesson, all three had different levels of comfort and experience in the water.

The conditions were great for the first time in open water. Not much swell in SoCal right now but there was some motion in the ocean. The first time anybody tries to Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUPS) the more calm the water the more better your experience. Now I could write a long blog entry about all the techniques we cover individually to get them up and going but I won't. However the best thing of the whole morning was the ear to ear grins and them feeling that exciting, unique almost indescribable feeling you get the first time you stand up and start to guide on the water. It's a whole different perspective.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Sunset Session

K-MO and myself scored this evening. Paddled up to one of our fav spots and had a blast. It was small and the tide was creeping up but have Stand Up Paddle Board and have fun. We played on this little corner for a while and then cruised up the coast a little more and ended up on a point going left and right all night. The tide eventually came in a flooded the small surf. We cruised back south and passed a bunch of dolphins. Rob showed up just in time for a quick paddle as the sunset. Just another day to be grateful for.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Small Sunny and Stand Up

Cali summer comes with warm air, warmer water at smaller waves. Another Stand Up Paddle Surf summer on call if day's like today on lining up. Fun little lines, glassy surface and good friends. Let's pray for some large southern swells so we can bust out the under 9 footers and have some Stand Up fun in some breach break barrels.

See in the water.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Fun past swell

Plenty of waves to be had these past couple days. I'm tried! No Stand Up Paddle Surf pictures from this swell, everyone was actually surfing this time.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'll huff and I'll puff

Says the SOUTH wind!

Da Story

What's the story with these guys standing up and paddling on surfboards?

There is a buzz in the local waters, Stand Up Paddle Surfing. What is it and where did this come from? Ku Hoe He'e Nalu in the basic, most elementary translation is: to stand-to paddle-to surf-wave. This is surfing, the sport of the Kings (hence "kingz of the coast"). Prior to this year there have been a few newspaper articles written, a couple spots in some of the surfing magazines, maybe a video shot here or there, a blog here or there and one or two websites that give limited information about the sport of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Now it's a whole new virus and everyone is catching it!

This worldwide segment of surfing known as Stand Up Paddle Surfing was made popular back in the Waikiki Beach Boy days of the 1960's. Stand Up Paddle Surfing, gets the alias of "Beach Boy" surfing from those days in Waikiki when the Beach Boys would stand up on their longboards and paddle with outrigger paddles while taking pictures of the tourists surfing on vacation. Documented "modern" Stand Up Paddle Surfing dates back to the 1940's with the great waterman Duke Kahanamoku and a crew of Beach Boys. However, Hoe He'e Nalu predates even Duke, to the ancient Polynesian paddlers. The roots of royalty are what you experience when gliding and sliding as you Stand Up Paddle Surf. On a side note- the term "Beach Boy" comes from when Duke was a teenager and bailed on school to hang out with the other braddahs down a the hau tree at Waikiki Beach. Duke is known as the father of modern surfing, the ambassador of aloha and the one who made Waikiki "Beach Boys" famous.

So this "new" idea is really one of old and is making a revival. In Hawaii, Stand Up Paddle Surfing is really starting to be seen all over in the islands...and in between them. Hawaiian watermen, such as Dave Kalama, Brian Keaulana, and the others mentioned here, are actively pushing the sport forward with channel crossings, down wind runs and Stand Up Paddle Surfing being added to events like Makaha's Big Board Surfing Classic in 2004. Also in 2004, Archie Kalepa entered the Molokai to O'ahu Paddleboard race as a Stand Up Paddle Surf entry. He finished the 32 mile race in 6 hours. From what can be told he was the first to cross that channel solo by means of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Laird Hamilton has paddled from O'ahu to Kaua'i, Catalina to Dana Point, the English Channel, even the Grand Canyon, and has Stand Up Paddle Surfed Jaws and Teahupoo.

Currently in Southern California, we are promoting the sport and more importantly the spirit of this regal and majestic Pacific Islander tradition. With the hopes to broaden the perspective of other watermen and water-wahines worldwide. Paddle with Aloha.

Monday, April 28, 2008

More good fun

Got a break and made a break to the break.... give me a break!? What a great session. Don't want to talk it up but it was unreal. 2-4 ft clean lefts and rights peeeeeling. Little crowd, plenty of waves, warm air, clear skies. Fun! The only Stand Up Paddle Surfer out, called in some sets for the guys that couldn't see'em coming in. Everyone was stoked. Even pulled off some helicopters...good fun. Had to call it when the arms stopped working.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clean Sunset Session

Sunday day and no surf, so I thought. Grabbed the Stand Up Paddle Board and cruised down to one of my favorite spots. As I'm paddling up some weird-o started yelling and screaming and whisting on the beach like a preteen girl at a Hanna Montana concert (only you know if you actually clicked on that link). Turns out to be a good buddy of mine from the jar-head days and his son.

We talk story for little and he decides to paddle out again cause he knows that he surfs better when he's tried, eh' Kawika!? So we end up at the spot and score some fun waist to chest surf as the sun goes done. Evan, his son, scores a great little wave and is really stoked! Right on Evan....shred the NAR!

As it gets dark I make the paddle back to the car in the warm air. Smiling- life is good.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Da Spirit

The spirit of Stand Up Paddle Surf is simply the Aloha Spirit. The true Hawaiian Aloha Spirit is more than a simple greeting or salutation. It's a mutual, respectful regard towards another. While in the water everyone should practice the spirit of Aloha. Whatever segment of surfing you choose; from body surfing, boogie boarding, short boarding, long boarding, Stand Up Paddle Surfing, to tow-in surfing. It's all wave sliding.

As a Stand Up Paddle Surfer there is a ancient majestic feeling that overcomes you when you glide across the waters and paddle into waves. It's addicting and you'll want more. The Spirit of Aloha balances that desire and impart water wisdom on a true Stand Up Paddle Surfer.

Unfortunately there are a few people out there that are ruining the reputation of the royal sport of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. There are those in the water representing our sport improperly, without the Spirit of Aloha. With the benefit of board design and paddle the ability to catch waves increases with skill. These same individuals have the same impact on the longboard community. Given an advantage, they exercise it beyond reason and ruin the surf session for others in the water. NOT what the community of Stand Up Paddle Surfing promotes.

The Aloha Spirit is of the King of kings as well as the sport of the kings. If you're going to be standing tall you better not ruin it for us all. This isn't about who catches more waves, as kingz and queenz we need to promote the true spirit of life in the water. Live Aloha!

"Try meeting or leaving people with aloha. You'll be surprised by their reaction. I believe it, and it is my creed. Aloha to you," Duke Kahanamoku

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Da Surfing

Surfing. Most of the attention Stand Up Paddle Surfing generates is from wave riding and sliding. It could be the guy standing on the outside of the normal line up scanning the horizon or the wahine doing a front side cutback leaning on her paddle. Either way it will make you look twice.

There are a lot of advantages that Stand Up Paddle Surfing offers to a wave rider. A lot of the buzz that surrounds Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the idea that you can paddle into a wave earlier than the modern laydown surfer. While this is true, we DO NOT promote the wave hog attitude. Just the opposite, as another advantage to Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the ability to see the lines of swells coming towards the pack. As a Stand Up Paddle Surfer you can spot waves and let others know how many are coming and where to be. That's sharing Aloha.

Another benefit is moving from one peak to another. As you scanning the horizon you might see a peak rolling in that nobody would be able to paddle to. As a Stand Up Paddle Surfer you can stroke over in time to catch it deep and make a nice wave that otherwise would go unridden. While on the wave you can use your paddle to stroke through what could be unmakable sections. This makes for really long rides.

Check out the Crowd...? Using the paddle while on the wave is a whole other experience. While making big turns you can drag and lean on the paddle helping you make awesome turns and adding some real old school soul to them.

You can charge any size surf. You can paddle to surf that is rarely ridden. You'll being paddling along your coast and find spots that break on different tides and have it all to yourself. Remember that half the fun of riding the waves is getting there.

With all these added benefits to modern surfing why wouldn't you want to Stand Up Paddle Surf? And remember, because you have these advantages doesn't mean abuse with, Paddle with Aloha. Don't be a kook!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A little southern

So there is a little south swell trying to show. Tide is filling in right now but it was fun this morning. Dennis was out at a fun spot this morning catching some fun waves. Chest high lefts and rights. Good fun. Happy Aloha Friday.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Afternoon Delight

2 hours of good fun with good friends with playful waves and clean conditions in the middle of the day with only 5 guys out...what a gift.

Then a good sunset session down at Kualapapa with a bunch of Stand Up Paddle Surfers in the line up. There was one guy with his little girl hanging on the board with him- sweet ohana aloha. Oh and whatever he was cooking for dinner smelled ono. There is a different vibe in the water with a bunch of Stand Up surfers, it's all about having fun.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

uh-oh...we're back

Ok... it's been almost a year. We've been busy and surfing and having fun, just not blogging about it. But we're back with lots of good stuff and with some changes. We're updating the site or something like that. Anyways, blah blah blah....

Surf is small in SoCal with south winds blowing... thank you Catalina Eddy. So grab that Stand Up Paddle SURF board go practice in the bump and get some fun.