Monday, May 7, 2007

12th Annual San-O Classic, A Quicksilver Edition

Many many mahalos to Allan Seymour and his team, the guys and wahines from Quicksilver and the volunteers for this event. This was the first ever Stand Up Paddle Surf contest on the mainland. We had more than enough Stand Up Paddle Surfers show up and represent this segment of surfing. Packed heats proved that. It was a great turn out and good fun was had by all.

The morning weather and waves we're not the best but we all had a blast and it turned into a beautiful beach day. The above pic is the top six and below are few of the first eliminated. The winner was not present for the pic nor was "Ester Williams", had to be there.

Stay tuned for more. And get ready for the San Clemente Ocean Festival in July. 10k Stand Up Paddle Surf race!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Calling all Stand Up Paddle Surfers

Wow oh wow WOM...gossip. Seems like there has been some gum flappin' at the knitting groups with a stench of conspiracy and Ben-Gay. RUMOR has it that there is established group of adult "surfers" that associate themselves with a beach called San Onofre and an "Aloha" spirit that is trying to remove the Stand Up Paddle SURF division in the upcoming SURF contest. Since this is a rumor, unconfirmed by anyone associated from this group, yet from a very reliable source, I can only presume reasons why so-called "Aloha" spirited "surfers" would do such a thing.

Regardless, this is a rally cry for all Stand Up Paddle SURFERS. Call, email, forward this page to everyone you know that SURFS with a Stand Up Board and a paddle and get them to register for the contest online ASAP. Unfortunately it seems that this area (San-O) is the only area in the world that doesn't recognize Stand Up Paddle SURFING as...SURFING. Again, let's help educate the local population and show our Aloha as SURFERS by participating in this event. Click here to register.

This is the sport of the Kings, the sport that modern day surfing evolved into. Why wouldn't this group want a division of Stand Up Paddle Surfers and help perpetuate the history and Aloha that they cherish?

Stand Up Paddle SURF with Aloha.

Monday, April 30, 2007

Mini Monday

Captains log. Monday April 30th. Surf is ankle to double over the knee. Regardless of the size, fun rights to be had by all on Stand Up Paddle Surfboards.

Tracy, Dennis and I, seals and string rays.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Aloha Friday

3 hours of great surf. Chest to head high with the occasional over head set. Long, long, long rides. Limited crowd, for this place at least. I personally haven't had waves and rides that long at this place since the winter swell in Jan '96. Super fun, super unreal. Laddahs.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stand Up Paddle Surf Pictures

Yesterday was sunny and was not. This morning the wind was on it, it was gloomy, even though the afternoon wind is blowing the offshore haze still is hanging around. Regardless, there may be time for a Stand Up Paddle Surf session this afternoon.

But as promised from are some shots that K-MO was able to get.

Here's the crowd from yesterday morning, session 1. Remember, clean 2-3 occ. 4 ft warm sunny day in southern california.

(Click on the small pictures to make them larger!)

How cool is it to be in SoCal and have good waves with just your buddies...there is a crowd of people 150 yards to the north of us???

Jim on a lefty...


Dennis hanging out with us.

The Speedo Bandito was spotted in the line up. You can choose to click on these...if you feel you need to make the items in this picture larger. Let this be your warning, it might cause temporary blindness and nauseousness. You may need therapy after this've been warned.
...the man, the myth, the legend...

We could hardly contain ourselves from laughing so much from the sight of a neon blue speedo making its way through the line up. It only took a couple of waves that we realized it was not a good idea to share waves with the Speedo Bandito. Poor Kyle just bought his new camera and it's been tainted with shots like this one. Fortunately for us all, neither the camera nor Kyle was injured in the making of these pictures.

Hoku doing the "Hoku".

Tracy is always fun to hang out with.

K-Mo was full of skills on the camera. A self-portrait below.

The Speedo Bandito and a new-kine Soul Arch. (I don't know?)

The line up got better as the day progressed. Especially after the sighting of the Speedo Bandito.

This one is for you Jim, the Bull Dance. See Jim likes the the bull dance. Hoku mid spank and feeling it, doin' the bull dance. You gotta love to have fun with friends. Do it Jim, do it!!!!

Jim not doing the bull dance...but with plenty of opportunity!

Brian showed up later and caught some fun waves.

It's all about having fun........

Mahalos K-Mo for taking all the pictures. You rock man!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh my oh my

Ok today was UNreal. Clean conditions all day, fun small surf. Crazy morining, we have pics, K-MO took some good ones. You'll have to check'em soon. Laters for now.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two weeks and no entry...wot.

It's been a while, but there's been a lot of stuff goin' on. While it's still fresh on my mind...
Today was blown out by 8:30 in the AM. However, before the wind killed the small-kine surf K-MO and Hoku, plus one other Stand Up Paddle Surfer...and Big D for a lil-bit had a point break all to themselves without the W.O.M. (Whiney Old Men). Now before anybody's panties get bunched up...they know who they are and where they stay. So if you felt the's you.

So the past couple weeks in a nut shell. All the guys made the Catalina Crossing safely. B-rad sets the bar for next year, pulling the crossing solo. Tons of waves with size these past couple weeks. Last Saturday a bunch of Stand Up Paddle Surfers at Kaulapapa's, the LA crew came down and had some fun.

On a sad note. We have had a couple KOOK spottings. For those who don't know what a KOOK is; it's the guy giving other wave riders reasons to give Stand Up Paddle Surfing a bad rep. It's the guy who shows up, paddles over to the line up, and abuses the privilege of a paddle. Oh and you know who you are because everyone tells you. So, because of the natural high visibility Stand Up Paddle Surfers have, increasing number of us in the water and some local confusion on ordinance enforcement we need to let the KOOKs know how they're creating a mess for all of us. Keep the aloha in and out of the water. If you need help trying to figure out if you're one KOOK click here and test yourself.

More in a few days, I'm off to Lost Wages.

Friday, March 30, 2007

More miles

With no waves I'm starting to paddle more. I racked up about 9 miles for www.milesformarines of Stand Up Paddle Surfing yesterday, between the two sessions. Today another 4 miles. Tomorrow I'm planning a 10-12 miler. If the weather was anything like it was this morning it should be a great day for a paddle.

Dennis, Norm and myself surfed double of ankle this morning. We still surfed. Josh went up to a point just north of us. No bad days when you Stand Up Paddle Surf.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday already?

Crazy week. Can't believe it's already Thurdsay. Kyle an'dem are getting ready for the run from Catalina this weekend. We played in some knee high slow surf this morning. Everyone bailed and I cruised up to check out a "safe harbor" so to speak. Dennis was up there catching some waves, I joined him for a while, Jim showed up. Waist high nalus for some morning fun.

Later on Jim and I hit the spot again. More wind this time, it took 30 minutes to get there only 10-15 to get back. Waves were the same but choppier. Three laydown surfers bailed as soon as we got there. Don't know why? We usually let the sets roll by and share the ocean. Spot for 'em. Not that I'm not complaining. Waves with just between buddies is the only way to surf. Make friends with everyone and then I guess every session works out.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Marina Del Rey

We had a great time. Thanks again to the racing director for opening up the sport of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Thanks to all the sponsors also. A shout out to Teva from ! You're the man!

Toni came down from Santa Cruz and blazed a path to follow. The San Clemente crew showed up in force, as usual. Kyle, E.J., Dennis, Allen and Jaime, and myself. We had an official unofficial photographer this time, Clayboy- thanks ey. More shots will be posted at soon.

Friday, March 23, 2007

The line up

There was 15 of us in the water this morning, whadda trip. These pictures were after a couple of us got out, but wow- lau lau. This summer is going to be fun.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

For Stand Up Paddlers Only

That is what the headline of this morning's surf report would have said if I were to write it. Oh and I all I would have said was, "small". So it was an uneventful day in the surf, but a good friend had a birthday today so it was a great day. Three of us paddled around at kaulapapa's doing the "Hoku" and the newly released"Happy-stance"(Jim says he's visually scarred after it). It's what surfing is all about, hanging out and having fun with friends and ohana.

And don't forget we're still Stand Up Paddle Surfing for the Marines For Miles event. You can sponsor the event by clicking below. By sponsoring "me" you're actually sponsoring everyone who puts in the miles.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sunday morning Stand Up Paddle Surf

Today's not Sunday, tomorrow is. First thing in the morning I'll be out there if anyone wants to join me. Just before the sun comes up. The tide was a little on it this morning, but waves were to be had. For Stand Up Paddle Surfers there was three of us and Dennis showed up as I was leaving. "They" say a holding NW'er hangs around for a couple more days. There is fun to be had.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


A quick session. Jim and I hit it, 4-6ft lots of wind, lots of bump but it's been a while since we've had some decent size. Even with the conditions it was good fun.

Keep checking back. More photos are coming in from this weekend's race, mahalos Doreen.

Stand Up Paddle Surf with Aloha.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Summer Day

Great day down at kaulapapa. My wife and I made it a day and we scored. Great little chest high waves, warm air. There was always at least one Stand Up Paddle Surfer out there all day. Clear water to check out the marine life. The dolphins were jumping, the seals chillin' on the inside. During my second session, I saw one leopard shark cruisin' around, he was a good 4-5 footer.

Brain and Mark cruised down for a long session. EJ was out for hours. Chad had a couple sessions and his son gave it a try, and looked pretty natural at it. Bob even had a couple Stand Up Paddle sessions. Paul from Mission Beach came up and caught some waves.

I posted more pics from this weekends race in Dana Point. But had some tech difficulties. So checkout when you get a chance and look for the photos from Dana Point Ocean Challenge 2007.

Oh and don't forget about the Miles For Marines fund raiser. Go to for more information on how you can help.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Dana Point Ocean Challenge 2007

What a great event! There was close to thirty Stand Up Paddle Surf entries and a separation of classes. The "unlimited" class consisted of boards 14 feet and over, to include any "experimental" hulls of any size. Then there was a stock class, anything under 14'. Plus a wahine class, Tracey and Jaime wrapped that up, one and two respectively, great job ladies!

The course was quick and conditions were good. Overall finishers and top three for the unlimited class was; 1st Kyle Mo (on a Ron House standamaran), 2nd Jimmy T (Ron House 14' Coastal Cruiser) and 3rd Ian (on a Bark "Channel Crosser"). Stock division; 1st Eric "Hoku" Tremaine (on a Ron House 12') , 2nd EJ (Ron House 12'), 3rd Brad "B-rad" Rambo (Ron House 12'). Ron House Shapes swept it, even wahine Tracey paddled a Ron House 12 footer.

Thanks again to the event directors for a split in classes and just offering up the chance for us Stand Up Paddle Surfers to get involved. Also mahalos for taking the time to make some right-on awards. Thanks also to Dominique and Teva from Hinano for showing the aloha. And many mahalos for Eric Diamond from Honolua Surf Co. for providing all the goodies in the award baggies. And for more info on Stand Up Paddle Surfing go to If you want to know what's upcoming sign up for the emails. And more pictures will be posted at later. Hele on!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Making the news

Yeah before the "in the news" bit. Jim and I had a fun session down at kaulapapas this morning. Normal Stand Up Paddle Surf crew there; Ron, Dave, Dennis (paddled to his favorite "secret" spot) Chris. So we had fun, small waves but fun.

Right. There is an article in one of the local papers, the SC Times, covering Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Pretty cool article. So I'm curious to hear comments on the article in general and so on.

Make a comment if you got one!!!!

Updates have been made to

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Lanikila Results

I finally found them. Big field...but ey, it's a field!?

Lanakila Classic Carpet Beach
February 24 2007

Place # name division time
37 466 eric tremaine SUPB 1.07.11
46 vic calandra SUPB 1.14.19
50 621 jeff gillott SUPB 1.18.22

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dana Point Ocean Challenge

This upcoming weekend's race. Saturday March 10, 2007, Baby Beach at Dana Point Harbor, registration @ 8am- $20 (includes grinds, shirt and awards). 5 miles short course starts at 9am. And for the first time in Orange County, possibly Southern California, a Stand Up Paddle Surf Class for "unlimited" and stock boards.

If you want to get emails about races and events sign up for the emails by clicking here.

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

SC to O-side for the Marines

Last minute thrown together paddle to Oceanside Harbor from Lost Winds, right around 21 miles in just under 5 hours. Kyle, Jim and myself cruised it. Jim is part of a fund raising event for wounded Marines, Miles for Marines. Kyle and I are on board, on our Stand Up Paddle Surfboards. The more miles we paddle the more money is raised for the men and women who fight for our country to keep the big bad wolf from coming and blowing our homes down. Politics aside they need our support, and don't bother with the bad mouth comments on what's going on overseas on this site, I'm a Marine and will not tolerate it. For more info you can go to and

Special thanks to Doreen (spelling) for showing up down at Oceanside, what a great surprise.

Paddle with Aloha and support those who will give more than we'll even know.

Semper Fi

Monday, March 5, 2007

No Waves, hehehe

Here is the surf report from Surfline for today;

"PM Regional Overview: No change from this morning. Still clean and glassy with light winds and poor conditions due to lack of surf. An occasional thigh-waist high wave for standouts"

I laugh because that means nobody in the lineup at all. Dennis, Keith and myself had this little right corner to ourselves this morning (not pictured). Fun tiny, itty-bitty waves BUT we still had good fun.

Great conditions, minutes the waves. No line up (of course). Marine life all over. Tracey cruised a flat day paddle solo. Stand Up Paddle Surf is good, gewd!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Power Plant to the Pier and Back

Great training paddle this morning. Kyle and I headed out 6:30ish and froze our fingers off. Winds were cooperating with us both ways, we got lucky and timed it right. As we paddled back in to kaulapapa there were a bunch of Stand Up Paddle Surfers. Ron, B-rad, Norm, Dennis, Jim, a couple others and Boog, our associate pastor from the Shoreline. Coming in from the horizon it was a kick seeing everyone standing up it the line up and stokin' for the nalus.

Paddle with Aloha

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Wet again

It's been a while. First time back Stand Up Paddle Surfing since Saturday. Kyle and I started for a good distance paddle but the head wind picked up and the surf ended up being real fun so we surfed instead. Dennis paddled up later and we stayed for a few more waves. We had a mini downwind and caught some "outside reef" stuff on the way in, lol. Not much too blog about. In the morning we're doing a long paddle. Meet at kaulapapa's @ 6AM if you like come.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lanikila Race

Mahalos to the Lanikial Outrigger Canoe Club for hosting and opening their race to Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

This morning's race weather was great, especially after the nasty victory at sea episode yesterday. It was a small field for the Stand Up Paddle Surf Class but eh at least we had one. Vic for Malibu was there, I represented the San Clemente tribe and there was one other Stand Up Paddle Surfer whose name I never got, he showed up last minute to give us one class, mahalos. As for the Stand Up Paddle Surf equipment; Vic had a Surftech 12 footer (Ron House shape), I paddle surfed Ron's standamaran and the other Stand Up Paddle Surfer was on a Bark 16 footer.

The course was 5.5 miles, mostly in open water. I clocked in somewhere around one hour six minutes, then Vic on the stock 12 footer, then the 16 foot Bark board. There will be Stand Up Paddle Surf race pictures posted on soon and I'm working on an area to post official races results.

Paddle with Aloha.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Couple days in the harbor

The last couple days there hasn't been much surf. Luckily Stand Up Paddle Surfing doesn't require surf, just a little imagination. The past couple days I've been playing on the flat water in Dana Point Harbor and wandering out to sea around buoys. It's been good, working on my stroke and practicing pivot turns.

I created a little course using the shoal and mooring buoys. I sprint to the buoys and then pivot turn around them alternating the direction of my turns with every buoy. It's something different to keep up the skills in between swells. I even started to switch-stance my pivot turns to see if I can stay dry.

"They" say rain for the next couple of days. Sounds like a good time to work. Paddle with Aloha.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Standamaran Day

No racing this weekend so I took the standamaran for a little paddle. As far as the racing aspect of Stand Up Paddle Surfing the standamaran has got to be the fastest board out there. Ron House dreamed this up and shaped and all I have to say is it moves. I paddled out of Dana Point Harbor and took off more than a minute and a half off my time for almost a mile. So I did some sprints and cruised out to the green buoy. (Note to self...lots of boats on a beautiful and warm Saturday afternoon makes for lots of choppy chop.)

On my way in a met Marty and let him take the standamaran out for a cruise. He came back with the same comments...straight and fast. We talked a little and he jumped on his Stand Up Paddle Surfboard for a afternoon paddle. Looks like some surf on call for Monday.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Kidz of the Coast

To go along with we'll have to think of a Kidz of the after today's happening at Dana Point Harbor. Actually I guess it began with B-rad and his son down at kaulapapa's this morning. As I was finishing up a 2hr punini paddle as they jumped in the water. As they began their Stand Up Paddle Surf sesh the tide looked to be a little more nalu friendly and it looked to be a good start for them.

OK back to the habor. Let's see if I can remember who all was there; E.J. had just finished his paddle as we started to show up, Ron and Jane House, Tracey and Blue, Drew, Maria and Dillion, Rick was there. Cindy was a first timer Stand Up Paddle Surfer and paddled the loop at the harbor with everyone. A couple guys that met up with Ron to talk about ordering Stand Up Paddle Surfboards showed up a took one for a quick paddle, Jim and Armondo. I ran into an old friend and her kiddies and another friend from our Home Groups. I was a great time down in the still water. That is one of the great things about the's so ohana centered. So check out more photos from today at and click on da shots.

Much Aloha to all those who we met today. See you on the water.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine Punini

Sounds like a special valentine dinner dish

This morning was left over wind swell-storm bump with a little high tide mixed in. While catching waves is always a great time while Stand Up Paddle Surfing, I'd have to say that getting to the waves was a little more fun today.

There wasn't any one spot that seemed to be "going off" this morning. The wind was off-shore for most of the morning. It was a little better 20 minutes north via paddle of kaulapapa's. Kyle and I had a couple swim workouts racing the board to the rocks. We adopted a new stance, the "Hoku". Kyle nailed the "Hoku on the Nose". We'll have to get pictures of it eventually.

I met a couple other Stand Up Paddle Surfers. Tom, Mark good meeting you both. See you guys in the h20.

Paddle with Aloha.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

The 12th Annual Hal Rosoff Classic

What a race. Mahalos for you guys putting on this race. They welcomed the Stand Up Paddle Surf class with Aloha. Thanks for your support.

We had a good amount of Stand Up Paddle Surfers enter this event. I think I counted 18-19. One of course being our honorary keiki, Dana girl. All of us did the 5 mile short course. Kyle finished first on Ron House's standamaran. Jim Terrel came in second on a stock board. B-rad took third on Ron House's coastal cruiser, I snagged up fourth place on a stock board and fifth went to Lyle all the way from San Fran on a stock board.

We didn't get much pictures of the action but we got some random ones. There was a couple wahine-kine Stand Up Paddle Surfer. Girls we need more pictures from you ladies for

I met with a couple of race directors and it seems that their going to be setting up "unlimited" and stock classes for Stand Up Paddle Surf entries. The Dana Point race coming up will for sure have it.

And a quick Hawaiian howzit to Dominic over at Island Four Cast, nice meeting you. See you at kaulapapa's.

Check out the random pictures at

Friday, February 9, 2007

Aloha Friday

Is there ever a bad day when Stand Up Paddle Surfing. I paddled out solo from kaulapapa early and cruised north. Being Friday and all the talk about the surf these past couple days the water was crowded early. I bypassed all the crowds and paddled up to one of my favorite spots. I got there and caught a couple warm up waves and decided to continued north. It didn't seem to be working like it was earlier this week so I cruised a little south. On my way this little left started to show so I stayed there for the next hour and had clean lefties all by myself. A couple laydown guys saw how much fun I was having and tried joining me. They could paddle into the nalus and called it a morning.

I headed back to kaulapapa's way of the deep water. I paddled way out to sea and made a line back into the line up. As I got closer there were five other Beach Boy Style surfers. I caught a nice open water swell into the crowd and caught a couple waves with everyone. Ron House, Dennis, Norm, and couple guys I didn't get a chance to meet. B-rad paddled out as I was headed in.

While I was packing up to start my day. Jimmy the paddle maker, showed up with a couple of his friends, Pat and one other guy. They all paddled out as the wind died down for a while. I talked with Kyle later when he got down there and the wind had picked back up blowing the wrong way.

So tomorrow's race is in Newport Beach at the Newport Beach Aquatic Center. Races start at 9am and the fees are $20.00. Check out the calendar for more known events. If you know of something not on it, email me and make sure we post'em. See you in da mornin'

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Stand Up Paddle Surfing at Makaha

This is a quick 3 minute video of Stand Up Paddle Surfing at Makaha. Check out more info at

Paddle with Aloha

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Why No Stand Up Paddle Surf Today

Today I was so busy I don't know if I found a leash or if I'm missing a dog. And my wonderful wife had a blond moment (meant in love) and backed our car into the garage door before it was finished going up, trapping the car in the garage. Between my responsibilities in my real estate business, Internet business and my new garage repair business, today was a dry day.

However, if I were to Stand Up Paddle Surf I would have been caught in this. Check out what the day started to look like as the clock struck four.

Monday, February 5, 2007

100 Nalu Punini

Punini Stand Up Paddle Surf is where you enter the water in one place and cruise the coast up and down surfing breaks as you paddle. So Kyle and I hit the water at dark this morning and surfed Punini style north. Catching waves to your destination is the only way to go. As the sun was coming up we caught some waves just north of the bay. Had some fun left and right peelers. As the crowd started to fill in, (3 more guys) we punini up north some more. We dialed in at the next couple breaks and surfed there for the majority of the three hour session.

Kyle was just north of me catching some juicy little nuggets. Two guys south, I was on this wave machine the whole time. Long, long right sliders all to myself. I catch one, paddle back, catch one, paddle back, catch one... I'd say this is where the majority of the 100 nalus came from.

Working our way back south we stopped in at all those other spots. The tide changed up and one section had some real juice to it for the day. Some fast little wedges. We paddled back to kaulapapa's through the sea of attitudes and caught a couple last waves with fellow revolutionized Stand Up Paddle Surfers Ron and Tracy. The beginning to another beautiful day. Thank you Lord!

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Superbowl Sunday Line-Up

Early morning Stand Up Paddle Surf session, dawn patrol, pre-shoreline. Ron House, Chris, Dennis and some others out doing the high tide slide. Not much to talk about. Paddling hard for the soft nalus. Practiced some of the pivot turns and not falling in. See you on the water in the morning. Watching the superbowl and looking down at the water it looked like a great day all day for Stand Up Paddle Surf.

Kaulapapa's at dark thirty for a pre surf paddle.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Aloha Friday

High tide- off shore- peaking swell-two Stand Up Paddle Surfers- shake well and serve. Dennis and I had some fun waves this morning regardless of the high tide funk. That's the thing with Stand Up Paddle Surfing, Beach Boy Surfing, He'e Nalu whatevers you like say... no matters how the waves stay, it's good fun.

The wind switched and slowly started creeping up and we pau for the day. I'm looking at it from my office window and the wind is onshore, steady, but the ocean looks friendly. Go and play it's Aloha Friday.

Paddle with Aloha, or stay one kook!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

EZ Harbor Paddle

Haven't been in the water since Saturday's Stand Up Paddle Surf race in San Diego. I had an opportunity to get a cruise in down at Dana Point Harbor this afternoon. Amidst the stormy weather it was calm enough to make a lap around marina. Nothing much to it...just felt good to be on the glassy water.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

HanoHano Ocean Challenge

Mahalos to HanoHano Outrigger Canoe Club for hosting a great event this morning. Oh and special mahalos from the bottom of my happy belly to L&L's for the local ono grindz.

Today's course was an out and back 4.75 mile course through Mission Bay. There was a lot more entires than usual for the Stand Up Paddle Surf class. South Orange County, (mostly San Clemente, Capo Beach, Dana Point, San Juan) came down with 7 of Stand Up Paddle Surf enteries. All kinds of boards were represented out there. Kyle (Alejondro) took first again on the standamaran shaped by Ron House, and Brad (B-rad) came in third on Ron's Coastal Cruiser, I finished fifth on Ron's stock Stand Up Paddle Surfboard (and in my mind 1st in the stock class, lol!) . Way to go Ron!

Good fun was had by all. We met some new faces, howzit Brent and Jay (Jay, I tried to get you and your fancy board at the line...) More pics for this event click here.

da hui from "San Clemente".

Paddle with Pride, Paddle with Aloha.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Small Swell Lots of fun

We had a little swell show up this morning. There was a bunch of us Stand Up Paddle Surf-kine out in the water today. The conditions were good this morning with the offshore winds howling. You had to dig in or be blown back. Sensei-Ron was out sharing the aloha with a Stand Up Paddle Surfer south at the promise land. Lots of waves to be had and were had. The wind died down for a while then in a matter of minutes the south picked up and blew it out. The line emptied and we with paddles were double stoked.
Later on Kyle and I met up for an evening warm-up for tomorrow mornings race. The wind backed off a little and the nalus had a little more juice to them. Kyle nailed a nice floater right in front of my. We got out as the sun dropped behind the horizon. Stand Up Paddle Surf, good fun.

Oh and Alejondor says, "Tango un breakthrough."

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Stand Up Paddle Surf Quote 1/25/2007

Kyle and I met up at kaulapapas for a afternoon Stand Up Paddle Surf session. Kyle already surfed this morning and took Ron House's standamaran out for a long paddle. The surf- small- again. But the air was warm and the wind wasn't too bad so why not.

So it's January and we're having a blast in our baggies. The quote for the day is, "I'm going to stay out longer until my shorts dry." I doubt anyone has said that while surfing.

I love Stand Up Paddle Surfing...Paddle with Aloha.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Six inches bigger

Still small waves but still fun small waves. It picked up about six inches this morning compared to yesterday. Yesterday there was five of us Stand Up Paddle Surfers out at kualapapa. Ron House brought his 10 footer out again and was catching some fun little waves. Everyone was having fun yesterday.

This morning the line-up wasn't as heavy as yesterday, 3 Stand Up Paddle Surfers in the water. Ron, Tracy and myself had our choice of waves. We didn't stay out as long as yesterday since the south wind picked up a little more. As we packed up a nice little set rolled in, hopefully a preview for the days to come.

Get you training in before this weekends race.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Morning Chop Suey - Evening Glass

This morning was soupy, the tide was high and the south wind was blowing. I Stand Up Paddle Surfed downwind on my first leg. Even though I had some mixed up ocean swell and the wind at my back it still was a difficult run. 2.5 miles later I turned for the upwind, against the chop run back, more difficult. There was a couple of chops that knocked me right into the water. It was definitely a smooth water appreciation day.

Later this evening I cruised over to Dana Point Harbor and did a Stand Up Paddle Surf session in the calmness of the harbor. I ventured out to the buoy to check on the seals real quick. The sea conditions were a reminder of the morning workout. On the way back in I did some sprints on the glassy surface and practiced my pivot turns. As it started getting dark I was doing 360's by the pier, as Kyle would say, "having a break-through".

Check ya in the h20- Paddle with Aloha- be a King or be a kook! (you know who you are!)

Friday, January 19, 2007

Small and Dry

Not much surf out there. Little nalus barely rolling in. I paddled out a little before sunset to get a little Stand Up Paddle Surf session in. There were 3 laydown surfers out and as I paddled around the point a couple other Stand Up Paddle Surfers paddled out. No waves, no wind but a little bumpy. The tide was negative, I got to paddle the long way out, (better than doing the rock dance), through the "deep" spots and check out some of the marine life. Plenty fish and one fat seal. It was nice to be out there in trunks and go an hour without getting wet...only while Stand Up Paddle Surfing.

See ya early at kualapapa, before the tide runs up. Paddle with Aloha.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Another small day

The wind was cold this morning, I thought my hands were going to freeze then fall off. Pretty small and the high tide didn't help any. Had a good 40 minute paddle up and back waiting for the tide to drop. I came back by the car and Stand Up Paddle Surfed in front for a while. 1-3 feet real inconsistent, caught plenty nalus. Dark and flat here's the pic for proof. But still fun!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Back in black

I pulled out the wetsuit for this morning. It's been acting like January lately, except for the large winter swells peeling down the coast. With surf being small and chilly winds I've been lazy to Stand Up Paddle Surf but ambitious to get some work done.

The calendar of events that welcome Stand Up Paddle Surfing has been posted and is being updated as confirmations come in. This calendar is for California, Hawaiian events will posted next. There are a lot of events for 2007. The is also a surf report for Southern Orange county available on the Stand Up Paddle Surf home page.

Keeping checking back or sign up for the email here and let us keep you posted. Oh, if anyone wants to Stand Up Paddle Surf in the tomorrow, I'll be down at kaulapapa's in the morning from 6-8:30am. Might paddle north pending on the lack of waves. Bring warm rubber...Dennis you're an animal!!! Wearing a short john...braddahs lolo!

This picture is today's surf...tomorrow will be smaller!

Paddle with Aloha.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

By the early morning moon light

So Kyle and I had a packed day and needed to get in a good Stand Up Paddle Surf session in early, early dark thirty. We paddled out of kaulapapa and headed north again to the same spot yesterday. The water was still real clear and with the moon light bouncing off the water you could see the reflection off the fish scales underneath you, too cool. We made it up to the spot as the sun came up over the mountains to our south.

We paddled up to be greeted by 2-3 foot peelers again. Get this, we at a world renowned surf spot with decent surf all to our self. Nobody out and nobody walking down the beach to get it. Unreal. Normally this place is a zoo on a three foot day, with any better surf you need to have skills and be on it to get waves...never mind the attitudes that flare here.

So we catch some waves and paddle back to kaulapapa. Kyle gets out to get to his thing, I have another hour and practice pivot turns on the small surf. As the tide started to fill in the sets were decent. If you were without a Stand Up Paddle Surfboard, it was a good day to work.


Monday, January 8, 2007

Hoe Punini He'e

It started out Kyle, Dennis and myself this warm winter morning. We started out down kaulapapa and Stand Up Paddle Surfed north. A few minutes into it all of us peeled back the rubber. Dennis had an appointment so he surfed a little and headed back south.

Kyle and I kept on hoe punini he'e sytle, paddle-drift-surf. We ended up on a well known point break, had clean 2-3 ft, long, long rides all to ourselves for about an hour. I had to take off and get to my appointment so Kyle played solo for a while.

The water was clear, the air warm, the waves plentiful...for those who Stand Up Paddle Surf.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

No Mo Wind....Finally

We had a good time Stand Up Paddle Surfing this morning down at kaulapapa. Kyle, EJ, Dennis, Ron, Rick (nice to meet you), myself and a couple others had a good fun sharing some waves. After the past two days of nonstop blowing winds it felt good to be back in the water. There was some decent waves left over. Ron House had his new 10 footer in the water, the short board of the day. Kyle and Rick played on it for a little bit, both seemed real stoked on it. The tide and the wind came up and after a few hours we called. Good times, you gotta try 'em. Check out more on the sport of Stand Up Paddle Surf at


Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Beware of the nasty water

Nobody has ever really considered Baby Beach one of the cleanest water swimming areas around but today was no bueno. Oil slick at Baby Beach in Dana Point Harbor. I jumped on my Stand Up Paddle Surfboard this afternoon and was bummed. The water was thick and the fuel rainbow was stink. It wasn't localized to the first 5 feet. From end to end of the shore at Baby Beach to the opening into the marina. If you got little one's keep them out of the water! (there is a little warning sign, it should be big a neon)

Regardless, I did a four 10 minute sprints for a good Stand Up Paddle Surf workout. Ran into a couple of Stand Up Paddle Surfers paddling around getting the hang of things. I always run into others down at Dana Point Harbor while doing my workouts.

Stay safe and Paddle with Aloha.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Pup Seal

While Stand Up Paddle Surfing today I saw a pup seal napping on the red buoy. That was the excitement for today. I had enough time between appointments for a quick run to flat-Doho out from Dana Point Harbor and back to worky work. But it was better than not surfing. I did see one other guy cruising around the harbor on his Stand Up Paddle Surfboard.

Gotta love Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Laddahs.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Paddle Surf into the New Year

I took some time this morning for a quick surf paddle down at Dana Point Harbor. I paddled hard down the long channel and out to the buoy. Once at the buoy I pointed to Doho for a one time wave and then headed back into the harbor. I finished up with a good pace through the marina and called it an easy day.

I ran into a friend of my auntie at Doho and met another Stand Up Paddle Surfer in the harbor, howzit Chris. It's going to be a wonderful year.

Paddle with Aloha.