Thursday, December 17, 2009

Small and brrrrr

Super high tide, itty itty bitty surf and cold air. What the heck I'm I doing to here? Was it this morning's sunrise?

Nope, but it was a bonus. I figured I'd show up a little early and Stand Up Paddle Surf a couple itty bittys before Rainbow Sandals an the gang show up. They are having a photo shoot for this year's King and Queen of Dogpatch.

- Hoku out

Location:Pendleton,United States

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big outer reef SUPS bombs

Yesterday morning more bombs to Stand Up Paddle Surf. By accident of incident most of our local crew ends up on an outer reef that only breaks when it's really big. As a matter of fact the inside reef only breaks when the ocean is pumping some juicy swell. There we a couple of guys towing in the day before.

Originally three of us squeaked the shore break and paddle over to a left working off one of the semi-submerged rocks. We cruised over there for a couple of waves but were watching another spot. After seeing a steady stream of incoming surf we paddled over and to much our delight were greeted by most of everyone we Stand Up Paddle Surf with at Kaulapapas.

It was pretty fun dialing in a spot you never get a chance to surf a lot, or ever. It took a minute, but we realized where we needed to be and start to have some real fun. Sliding down these faces were a blast. Big open faced waves on a Stand Up Paddle Board is good.

The tide started to feel in and it became difficult to paddle into. We cruised in to battle the shore break again. This time the tide was higher and it was dumping on the sand/ rocks. Trying to negotiate this was on my 12 footer was anything but graceful. I think some of it was after having so much fun outside I didn't care. I pulled in to one, made a bad judgement call, took a couple thumpers on the head and let it drag me across the beach. I little rock rash and sand in the shorts never hurt. It got so bad the Rangers closed the lot down because of the water and beach coming up on the parking lot.

We drove by today and you would have never known that the bombs of yesterday were even there. The swell is backing off everywhere. I actually broke out my short board, found some of my favorite rights and craved my initials in a couple.

Hope everybody had as much fun as I did.

Oh and here is some video of SUPS at the Wedge.


Friday, July 24, 2009

Finally a Big South Swell swell with some SUPS punch

Down at Kaulapapa's, the Stand Up Paddle Disneyland, something was very strange...the surf was overhead... and at times showing almond barrels (one was chasing me backside). Today wasn't the day for the turn and burn technique, I tried it and it didn't work out well for me. A couple good size waves came in and I thought to myself, "I can make this". One late take off under the lip resulted in a personal yard sale. I was on my 12 footer, made the drop but was way back on the tail. With too much board out in front of me I was trying to make it to the bottom of the wave for a bottom turn but the wave demanded I just go straight to jail and not collect $200. The paddle was ripped out of my hands and my watch was ripped off my wrist as I went skipping down the face, fun.

But those were the exceptions to my session. I had a couple fun drops, not too many sets really lined up until the tide filled in, my last wave I likey. There were some bombs that rolled in and I saw some guys and girls draw get some really clean lines, laying on their rails and heavy on their paddles. And when I mean bombs I mean 10-12ft faces on the super sets. I can say that in confidence because Sean Collins from Surfline was commenting at the US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach and said that Lowers was "double to triple overhead". We had a HUGE clean up set, I paddled at least 2 stokes maybe three to get over the face.

Buddies caught in the inside, Pastors praying, leashes popping, Tracey take 28 straight waves on the head but still gets out and catches her wave of the day, shuttles to trails, all before 10AM.

So the question is where to stand up paddle surf tomorrow? Weekends at Kaulapapa's can be so blah with the limited parking. "Hmmmmmm", I wonder. (there's a hint in there if you "follow" me.

And send a prayer out for the family that lost a son today at the wedge. I read he got caught up in the jetty and was taken to hospital where he passed away. The article I read also had a video clip of some wedge action from today's swell and there was a dude on a Stand Up Paddle Board dropping in (1:29 minutes). WHAT!?

Paddle safe this weekend.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wore out

I don't think you're suppose to be this tired before the swell shows up. I'm exhausted already. The beginning of the week I stand up paddled surfed a bit more than I should and then yesterday went for an outrigger paddle of close to 6 miles. This morning when I started my way through the inside I was feeling it.

Going to get my rest tonight. Pretty tired from a combo of this mornings fun welcoming the new swell and the sun draining what remaining energy I had while on the sailboat this afternoon. I need to work more, I'm more rested when that happens.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stand Up Paddle FOG Surfing

The last two days have been interesting down at Kaulapapas. The morning marine layer was laid on pretty thick. Yesterday more so than today. There were times that we couldn't see 20 feet in front of us. The surf was inconsistent enough that we would had no idea where we were at. Then the sets would pop up through the fog and it would be a mad scramble to make anything work.

Today was similar, except it was clear in the morning, then the marine layer rolled in. It wasn't as thick as it was yesterday but enough that you couldn't see the shore at times. So if you couldn't see any waves I guess there wasn't any..... or was there.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Great White Shark at San Onofre

What an awesome day! Stand up paddle surfing with no waves.... what to do, what to do? Let's go paddle. Just like yesterdays stand up paddle surf session. With all the shark buzz going around here in southern orange county I wanted first hand knowledge. Up until today I hadn't seen up close (I've seen the dorsal and tail fin) and personal the Great White that all my buddies have had chance encounters with.

Stand Up Paddle Surfers have been pushed down to the south end of San Onofre State Beach, exiled if you will, south of dogpatch. The surf is fickle enough down there with all the deep water spots but when the swell is weak and the tide is wrong it's more or less a lake. Point in case today.

I got bored trying to make believe my 9'6" Ron House SUPS board is actually my 12 footer so I paddle out past the "break" and paddle in semi circles. These aren't random, more of a search pattern. Looking to encounter "fluffy" the San Onofre Great White. I pace patiently out there for 20 minutes or so. Staying over the sandy area looking for a shadow to cruise slowly by. Just as I was about to paddle in I see her. (I'm referring to Fluffy as a her).

That dark shadow I've been waiting for is only a few feet away. How cool is this? I'm standing on the water looking down on a Great White shark. She seemed to be as curious as I was. I paddled over a little closer to try and get an idea of how big she really was. All the reports I've heard from friends have been around the 8 foot mark. Again, I was on my 9'6" SUPS board and she was probably a foot shy, nose to tail, of my board.

For about fifteen minutes we played. There were a couple times where she positioned herself in a way that placed me in a precarious position, which I'll admit was quiet spooky. However most of the time I paddled beside her, both watching what the other was up too. As we kept moving I noticed we were getting into the deeper holes near the power plant and she was popping in and out of the camouflage of seagrass.

At this point I was either under estimating the "tiny brain" of this primitive yet advanced predator and/or pushing my luck. I listened to that "soft tiny voice" in my head and backed off.

I paddled back in complete amazement and respect for this creature that sends fear in the hearts of those when they hear the name, Great White shark. She has probably been in the area for years, silently slipping in and out of the line up unknown to those who prefer to catch waves on their bellies.

All this being said. I'm no shark expect and by any means I do NOT recommend anyone try this, especially if you have a tendency to fall while stand up paddle surfing. We all know the capabilities of a animal of this size, strength and reputation... and if you don't flip on the the Discovery Channel. This was my experience and I thought I'd share it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A sharky fun filled day at San O the Stand Up Paddle Surf way

Smooth as glass this morning and all most as flat. No expectations but fun on days like this. These are the days that make Stand Up Paddle Surfing so much fun... pure fun.

Well if there was one expectation it would be that this guy would see our resident Great White again. G-Money has the most spottings of fluffy the past couple weeks. No fluffy today, just a couple leopard sharks, a couple sand sharks and a good size thresher or blue... hard to tell. 4-6ft long and splashy.... he flicked a little water at K-MO today.

But seriously.... there have been legit shark sightings at San Onofre, one has been a Great White. And I'm not sure about this guys shark story!? So if that kind of thing freaks you out don't get in the water. If you're bleeding at all... don't get in the water. And don't forget this, that where they've always been. Let's get freaked out when we see them on land.

K-Mo doing his thing on the tiny tiny surf... taking a little walk.

Finding the nose....

Executing his patented cut back.

Our wahine for the session, the Abinator!

Half the line up.... smiles for miles.

Hoku out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

How much more fun could Stand Up Paddle Surfing be?

Not too much more fun! Surfed the low to high tide this morning. The water seemed to warm back up. The waves were playful. Stand Up Paddle Surfing Fun to be had!

*Here's a SUPS tip... when paddling, keep you feet about shoulder's width a part and try not to bend to far forward. Reach naturally and bend a little at the knees if you want to dig for power. I say this because the past couple times out Stand Up Paddle Surfing I've noticed a few folks struggling with balance while trying to catch waves.

It works try it.

Paddle with Aloha

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey we said south swell not south wind

I feel asleep last night to the thoughts of a holding south swell mixed with a little bit of northwest that was on call. I checked the wind before going hitting the rack, nothing. Everything looking good for the morning.

I sneak out of the house early this morning, anxious for some Stand Up Paddle SURFING with the boys. The normal morning gloom was hanging around but as I get off the freeway I see the bumps... and not the good kind.

Park and wonder, "do I paddle out....?" Brad, Tim, Peter, Brandon are there taking there time, chatting it up. The south wind is blowing fairly consistent and the tide is still working it's way back up. We talk story a little and Peter and I say go for it.

We paddle out to Nukes and catch a couple before the rest of the line up comes out. A couple hours of windy, 2-4ft and I'm all pau.

Hanging on the sand with G$, Tracey, Jerry Ann, Brain and Blue we talk story for a bit. Remembering yesterday and all the, "you missed its".

Unfortunately there was one common thread to both conversations, where we cannot surf lately and all the different reasons why. Hmmmmmmmmmm.....

to be continued..........

Monday, July 6, 2009

SUPS and flying sharks?

Out at whitey's this morning the surf was plentiful. Solid south filled in and made for some fun stand up paddle surf rides. Consistent shoulder high surf, the rights were a little better choice than the lefts. Plenty of swell energy to surf and cut back and forth and back and forth, the old, "I'm going straight!" with style.

The Robs were out there, G$, Jerry Anne, Brian was rippin' and a WHOLE bunch more SUPS'rs. Hung out on the beach for a bit, got some work done and watched the tide flood the break. Saved some energy for tomorrow.

Laddahs...Paddle with Aloha.

Oh and the flying sharks.... apparently their doing their impersonation of the South African Great White breaching. This one isn't as big, only 5 feet.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day Stand Up Paddle Surf

Happy Independence Day!!! Fireworks and BBQ. I celebrated with a 5 mile paddle out of Dana Point Harbor with a little bit of help with the Prevailing Westerlies.

It was a fun quick downwinder. The harbor was packed, the beaches were packed and the inshore was fairy busy also. About half way down some guy on a Seadoo jets over to me and takes a snap shot. It was a weird thought that I'd have to keep in eye out for boats as I Stand Up Paddled on the "outside". But I guess it is the Fourth of July.

I hope everybody has a great weekend. Enjoy it and be safe, especially if you're near the harbor.

Hoku out.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

We beat the wind

Showed up around 0630 down a Kaulapapa. From home it looked as if the ocean had a small case of the morning sickies. But when I got down there it wasn't as bad as it looked. The surf was on the small side, 1-2 an occasional 3ft'r would roll in. Lots of riding swells to shore today. The surf was weak but the fun level is always high. Ron House had his new 8'4' Stand Up Paddle Surfboard out. It looks like it would be a lot of fun in a steep wave. Tracey and Blue there, Dennis was out, met a few new SUPSters. Got out of the water as the wind picked up but the reason reason was the tide flood it and there was no juice.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Surf Treadmill

aahhh by the subject line you probably are thinking some new Stand Up Paddle Surf blowflex invention. Nope, just tons of wind blowing down the harbor channels. It was great for a workout, 12-15kts with gusts. Wind to my back cruising down the long channel was fun. The tide was high enough that I skirted the rocks in the island side trying to stay with the wind swells as they "broke" . I only smacked my paddle once on the rocks... it was shallow. But cruising down the middle would have be boring. Ran in to Dennis (fellow longtime SUP'r), he was low-pro in a surf ski and laughed as we exchange thoughts of the Stand Up Paddle back upwind.

As I rounded into the center channel I got ready for the upwind strokefest that was to be. Ran into Brian (another longtime SUP'r) and like Dennis he choose an outrigger to play in today. Hmmmm. Anyways, I paddled up to the 'Fighting Irish' and flipped a U'y... (not a Uli) and made the downwind run back down the center channel. Came back up the long channel... another butt kicker and finished.

Windy days, good for sailing and SUPS punishment.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

1 Paddle 1 Surf 2 to take me home....

So after working 148 hours the past 10 days and finishing the work in the morning quicker then expected...I had the rest of the day with nothing planned. Time to go get some paddle on.

I text'd a buddy and put out a tweet for a paddle out of Dana Point Harbor grabbed my SUPS stuff and split. After waiting for parking, ggrrrrr summertime, I dropped the old reliable on the water and was headed somewhere out of the harbor.

With the predictable west wind blowing constant I figured a head wind paddle out and back downwind run would be the plan. As I made the turn around the jetty I changed it up a bit. Instead of a true head wind I picked a slight head wind. Paddle by the seals on green, lots of freshie pups, and made a line for old Glory.

As I made the turn around it felt good to have the wind on my back. I picked my line and headed back in. Took the center channel back up to Baby Beach and pau. I had a chance to share a little SUPS Aloha with Crystal before taking off.

I had to catch up on my honey do's and busted a couple out. But I could here the ocean calling me back. So a quick check on the tides, perfect timing... I jump back in the box and hope to catch some K-Papa as the sun goes down. So I spike my perfect water for some good hydration and cruise.

I pull up, three guys out and 2-3 feet of promising fun. And it was. 2 hours of waves and warm water. Stand Up Paddle Surfed in front for a while with Rob. With the tide doing it's thing it was pick and choose wisely or paddle paddle paddle. A few more guys showed up so I decided to solo it down to sharkies. A couple nice long long rides there and figured I catch waves back to my car.

I get out as the sun starts to touch the water and count my blessings. I rinse off, pack up and pick up dinner for me and momma at Pedros.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Low tide marine life

Showed up for a morning quickie. Tide was low, surf 1-3ft (more on the 1footer side). Always a fun paddle out through tide channel. Lots of action in the water. I was stalked by a good size ray all morning, lots of feeder fish, a couple 2-3 foot leopard sharks.

Plenty people out for stand up paddle surfing on a Wednesday morning with no swell. It was nice on the 12 footer, easy paddling, big ol' turns and SUPing the swells... you know the ones that never break. Tides going to be low first thing in the morning manana. Have to chance'em, hope the wind doesn't come up early.


Don't be a Kook. Paddle with Aloha.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hoku is officially back

Last post 2 months ago. Been in the water a couple few times. Never got around to posting the happenings. Had some great solo sessions with one of my all time SoCal favorite peaks to myself. SUP'd with a bunch of buddies on less than less ok days. Here an hour there an hour.

This morning got a good session in down at Kaulapapa or Ron's Reef or Sharky's or Whitey's or Nukes or whatever you like call'em. I'll call it fun 3-4' occasional 5' with light offshore before 7am turning to a south wind with times of glassiness.

Surfed with Titus Kinimaka, Jimbo, Peter, Finger Lake's own Tracey "Princess of Dogpatch", , B-rad, Dennis the man , Mikey and Jerry-Anne were there. Abz showed up late! What's up with that Abby?

Had some good swim sprints from the outside to shore. It's an extra long swim when white sharky is lurking around. Mahalos Titus for your Aloha!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

Pre Wind Pre Tide Stand Up Paddle Session

This is the second day in a row of clean surf at ---- with only a couple friends, all with paddles, at a great break. The core group of 25-30 lay-down surfers never ventured in our little bit of paradise this morning... and this is the Friday morning crew!?

Funny waves, had a great little left that stood straight up and gave me a classic line to draw. On this wave I wish I had my 9'6" Ron House, I was pushing the 12 footer out there today.

Had a sealion try and drop in on me, a bird fishing off my tail (kind of) and whales! Great morning, good friends, what a way to start the day.

Good luck to all the paddle crossers this weekend. Have a safe crossing.

hoku out.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who will be the king and queen of dog patch

This is going to be another great event by the guys who put on the Battle of the Paddle. Here's the press release:

The King and Queen of the Dogpatch
Stand-Up Surf Contest
San Onofre State Beach
May 16, 2009

San Clemente CA - (March 1st, 2009)

The King and Queen of Dogpatch will be held Saturday May 16, 2009 at San Onofre State Beach. This raucous and hilarious stand-up paddleboard (SUP) surf contest will directly benefit the newly formed San Onofre Foundation.

The best stand-up paddleboard surfers from California and Hawaii are anticipated to join local standouts at Dogpatch to surf it out for the King and Queen crowns.

“Having fun is what this event is about and we are going to stumble upon our king and queen. Surfers in this contest will have to display more than pure surfing and paddling ability. They are going to have to show panache and aloha in their style.”

“The event celebrates the Dogpatch and our growing sport. And it’s a chance for us to do something nice for the beach through the San Onofre Foundation” says Rainbow Sandals owner Jay “Sparky” Longley.

The King and Queen of the Dogpatch SUP surf contest is open to everyone. There will be novice and advanced divisions for both men and wahines. Finalist in each division will receive royally commemorative awards and an overall king and queen will be crowned. The event takes place May 16 with first heat in the water at 7:00am. For event entry information go to

Dogpatch is a well-known paddle wave and family area for San Onofre surfers. It is located at the far south end of the San Onofre State Beach surfing area. The towers of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station are near by.

For more information:
Event Director: Barrett Tester
Tel. (949) 276-4431x216

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

welcome back welcome back welcome back....

oh yes, it felt good to be back in the water. and what better place than -----. it's my spot, has been ever since i was a kid, when i camped there every spring and summer weekend back in the day, when i was lifeguard and today. 2-3ft with a playful wind, tide was going out, another 4 people out, and i had the point to myself, and a hand full of dolphins. it's been a while, lots of people wondering where i went. my reason, my new son! but i'm back in the line up again and can't wait until the next session. time to burn the baby wieght