Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Calling all Stand Up Paddle Surfers

Wow oh wow WOM...gossip. Seems like there has been some gum flappin' at the knitting groups with a stench of conspiracy and Ben-Gay. RUMOR has it that there is established group of adult "surfers" that associate themselves with a beach called San Onofre and an "Aloha" spirit that is trying to remove the Stand Up Paddle SURF division in the upcoming SURF contest. Since this is a rumor, unconfirmed by anyone associated from this group, yet from a very reliable source, I can only presume reasons why so-called "Aloha" spirited "surfers" would do such a thing.

Regardless, this is a rally cry for all Stand Up Paddle SURFERS. Call, email, forward this page to everyone you know that SURFS with a Stand Up Board and a paddle and get them to register for the contest online ASAP. Unfortunately it seems that this area (San-O) is the only area in the world that doesn't recognize Stand Up Paddle SURFING as...SURFING. Again, let's help educate the local population and show our Aloha as SURFERS by participating in this event. Click here to register.

This is the sport of the Kings, the sport that modern day surfing evolved into. Why wouldn't this group want a division of Stand Up Paddle Surfers and help perpetuate the history and Aloha that they cherish?

Stand Up Paddle SURF with Aloha.

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