Sunday, April 27, 2008

Clean Sunset Session

Sunday day and no surf, so I thought. Grabbed the Stand Up Paddle Board and cruised down to one of my favorite spots. As I'm paddling up some weird-o started yelling and screaming and whisting on the beach like a preteen girl at a Hanna Montana concert (only you know if you actually clicked on that link). Turns out to be a good buddy of mine from the jar-head days and his son.

We talk story for little and he decides to paddle out again cause he knows that he surfs better when he's tried, eh' Kawika!? So we end up at the spot and score some fun waist to chest surf as the sun goes done. Evan, his son, scores a great little wave and is really stoked! Right on Evan....shred the NAR!

As it gets dark I make the paddle back to the car in the warm air. Smiling- life is good.

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