Saturday, May 17, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surf Stoke

This morning I had the pleasure of spending time in the water with Eric, April & Caleb and sharing the joy of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. This was a great Stand Up Paddle Surf lesson, all three had different levels of comfort and experience in the water.

The conditions were great for the first time in open water. Not much swell in SoCal right now but there was some motion in the ocean. The first time anybody tries to Stand Up Paddle Surf (SUPS) the more calm the water the more better your experience. Now I could write a long blog entry about all the techniques we cover individually to get them up and going but I won't. However the best thing of the whole morning was the ear to ear grins and them feeling that exciting, unique almost indescribable feeling you get the first time you stand up and start to guide on the water. It's a whole different perspective.

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