Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lights Camera Stand Up Paddle Action

This morning we wrapped up the shooting for an international piece on the sport and lifestyle of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. It was an awesome opportunity to share with others around the world the passion and Aloha from some of us here in So Cal. I'd like to give a little mahalos to all that took their time to participate in way shape or form. Mahalos to Ron House, for taking some time from his master shaping of the new 12'6" race boards (for the Battle of the Paddle)...can't wait for those to be finished. And to EJ for his time showing off his beautiful hand made wooden paddles. Brad thanks for volunteering extra boards and equipment for the shoot that never happened.... I won't even go there. Pat from Rainbow Sandals for coming down and surfing with us. Can't forget the local morning lineup; Dennis, Jon, Michael, G-Money, Brandon and out star wahine Tracey.

A special thanks for nothing goes out to the...... ah never mind, it all worked out. If it didn't happen they way it went down we probably never would of got the surf footage we captured this morning...and brah was it good. Right on Jon & Tracey.

Fo' reals though, a special thanks to my new friends from on the other side of the pond for making this all possible, vielen dank! We look forward to seeing the final production in October!

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