Wednesday, September 3, 2008


CrowdSourcing- kind of. Taking that it's a business term and this morning seemed a little more business-like down at our favorite Stand Up Paddle Surf spot. Our humble Kaulapapa is an SUPS friendly sanctuary. Allow me to break it down.

The short board mentality of "I gots it" or the whistling and calling people off waves is not welcomed, by us that Stand Up Paddle Surf here every day whether it's good-n-glassy or big-n-blown-out; nor by the other wave riders and gliders that cohabit K-Papas with us. And it's a sanctuary because unlike neighboring counties where it's not a legal action to go Stand Up Paddle Surf in your backyard, we are limited in these here parts.

Which brings me back to Crowds. Nobody likes it when you roll up with a dozen (or 25) of your buddies. Especially with the burnt out attitudes. This sport is all about the fun, and Kaulapapa's is a wave that facilitates it. It's not Pipeline where there's barely room for one waverider. Don't let the rumors be true, "all of a sudden a SUP'r showed up and ruined everybody's day". Don't be that guy.

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