Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stand Up Paddle without the paddle

This morning's May gray was in full swing and south wind from our local eddy but the good news is the south swell had enough energy to entice me enough to "paddle" out. A good friend was camping down at a favorite spot of mine and she put out the invite to come down for a morning SUPS session. So I invite another buddy and we get down there early enough for the cold and the wind to make us sit and watch longer than usual.

We're looking a couple of breaks from the camp site and wondering what's the best of the worst right now. A couple of other friends (wow... friends all over) are already paddling back from their Stand Up Paddle session. We went over and asked them how it was and they said, "it's getting better." Ok?

We're still watching where they paddled from, cause that's where we wanted to surf. BUT, this left out in front is calling our names practically. We decide to surf right there, only problemo for me is there is a NO SUPS rule where this left is working, grrrrr. So I ditch my paddle and take my 9'6" Stand Up board and have a lay down session with all the other scrappers out there. And it was the call.

Then the sun comes out, wind dies for about an hour and the waves we're lining up perfectly. We get out with smiles on out faces, jump in the warm showers and get treated to hot chili with BBQ spicy sausage. The way it should be.

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