Friday, March 9, 2007

Making the news

Yeah before the "in the news" bit. Jim and I had a fun session down at kaulapapas this morning. Normal Stand Up Paddle Surf crew there; Ron, Dave, Dennis (paddled to his favorite "secret" spot) Chris. So we had fun, small waves but fun.

Right. There is an article in one of the local papers, the SC Times, covering Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Pretty cool article. So I'm curious to hear comments on the article in general and so on.

Make a comment if you got one!!!!

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Anonymous said...

You asked, here is my comments:
Nice spotlight for the sport. General information about Stand Up Paddling. The picture used was an interesting choice. He looks like he's chopping wood. It's obviously meant to be a fun picture, I just don't get the desired results I think they were going for. Great article, not so sure about the picture.

Anonymous said...

I am happy to read the SC Times about some of the local Stand Up Paddle Surf. Rise on the island of Kauai and moved to the island of Oahu in 1959, I am happy to say that I became a young beach boy and met and surf with some of the great legends. But, I am not an Historian of Hawaiian Stand up Paddle Surf. Surfing for me made a great impact to understand my culture. The DUKE was the FATHER of surfing and his legend carries on to include Stand Up Paddle Surfing. I was on the beach of Waikiki when Duke Kahanamoku was buried out at sea. To see all the beach boys from the islands to take part in such a moving ceremony to see all the beach boys paddling canoes and surfboards to a specific location to spread his ashes. I was there!!! So to all the San Clemente Surfer and Stand Up Paddle Surf, it is not about the surf turf, it is a common bond that the DUKE would like for us to carry on his legend. As for the comment about the photo in the SC Times the person remain anonymous; that photo was not to respresent to be taken out of context....I understand your point.

Aloha from College Station Texas