Thursday, March 29, 2007

Thursday already?

Crazy week. Can't believe it's already Thurdsay. Kyle an'dem are getting ready for the run from Catalina this weekend. We played in some knee high slow surf this morning. Everyone bailed and I cruised up to check out a "safe harbor" so to speak. Dennis was up there catching some waves, I joined him for a while, Jim showed up. Waist high nalus for some morning fun.

Later on Jim and I hit the spot again. More wind this time, it took 30 minutes to get there only 10-15 to get back. Waves were the same but choppier. Three laydown surfers bailed as soon as we got there. Don't know why? We usually let the sets roll by and share the ocean. Spot for 'em. Not that I'm not complaining. Waves with just between buddies is the only way to surf. Make friends with everyone and then I guess every session works out.

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