Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two weeks and no entry...wot.

It's been a while, but there's been a lot of stuff goin' on. While it's still fresh on my mind...
Today was blown out by 8:30 in the AM. However, before the wind killed the small-kine surf K-MO and Hoku, plus one other Stand Up Paddle Surfer...and Big D for a lil-bit had a point break all to themselves without the W.O.M. (Whiney Old Men). Now before anybody's panties get bunched up...they know who they are and where they stay. So if you felt the's you.

So the past couple weeks in a nut shell. All the guys made the Catalina Crossing safely. B-rad sets the bar for next year, pulling the crossing solo. Tons of waves with size these past couple weeks. Last Saturday a bunch of Stand Up Paddle Surfers at Kaulapapa's, the LA crew came down and had some fun.

On a sad note. We have had a couple KOOK spottings. For those who don't know what a KOOK is; it's the guy giving other wave riders reasons to give Stand Up Paddle Surfing a bad rep. It's the guy who shows up, paddles over to the line up, and abuses the privilege of a paddle. Oh and you know who you are because everyone tells you. So, because of the natural high visibility Stand Up Paddle Surfers have, increasing number of us in the water and some local confusion on ordinance enforcement we need to let the KOOKs know how they're creating a mess for all of us. Keep the aloha in and out of the water. If you need help trying to figure out if you're one KOOK click here and test yourself.

More in a few days, I'm off to Lost Wages.

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