Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stand Up Paddle Surf Pictures

Yesterday was sunny and was not. This morning the wind was on it, it was gloomy, even though the afternoon wind is blowing the offshore haze still is hanging around. Regardless, there may be time for a Stand Up Paddle Surf session this afternoon.

But as promised from are some shots that K-MO was able to get.

Here's the crowd from yesterday morning, session 1. Remember, clean 2-3 occ. 4 ft warm sunny day in southern california.

(Click on the small pictures to make them larger!)

How cool is it to be in SoCal and have good waves with just your buddies...there is a crowd of people 150 yards to the north of us???

Jim on a lefty...


Dennis hanging out with us.

The Speedo Bandito was spotted in the line up. You can choose to click on these...if you feel you need to make the items in this picture larger. Let this be your warning, it might cause temporary blindness and nauseousness. You may need therapy after this've been warned.
...the man, the myth, the legend...

We could hardly contain ourselves from laughing so much from the sight of a neon blue speedo making its way through the line up. It only took a couple of waves that we realized it was not a good idea to share waves with the Speedo Bandito. Poor Kyle just bought his new camera and it's been tainted with shots like this one. Fortunately for us all, neither the camera nor Kyle was injured in the making of these pictures.

Hoku doing the "Hoku".

Tracy is always fun to hang out with.

K-Mo was full of skills on the camera. A self-portrait below.

The Speedo Bandito and a new-kine Soul Arch. (I don't know?)

The line up got better as the day progressed. Especially after the sighting of the Speedo Bandito.

This one is for you Jim, the Bull Dance. See Jim likes the the bull dance. Hoku mid spank and feeling it, doin' the bull dance. You gotta love to have fun with friends. Do it Jim, do it!!!!

Jim not doing the bull dance...but with plenty of opportunity!

Brian showed up later and caught some fun waves.

It's all about having fun........

Mahalos K-Mo for taking all the pictures. You rock man!

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Evan said...

You guys are's good to see some Aloha over there on the mainland. If I saw that speedo guy I would have been scared.