Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday morning is best with a little SUPS

So the tide was "high" and the surf wasnʻt. There were some set waves that came in that made to paddle out the made you paddle back in even faster. It was still the best way to start a new week. Stand Up Paddle Surfing with some friends is good fun.

We were camping this past week. Had a chance to share some stoke with some new friends from San Diego at Dana Point Harbor. April (stand up video) and her husband Eric were camping also so we had a chance to get Eric in the water. He had never surfed nor paddled at all so this would be his first time in flat water on a Stand Up Paddle Surfboard. Once in the water I had him do some basic drills, he got comfortable and I showed him a couple other techniques and boo-yah!!! Another Hoe Hee Nalu addict! How much of an addict you ask? He was so amped on the gliding across the water I hooked them up again with Ron House and Eric picked up his new Stand Up Board and paddle while still on vacation and was able to get some water time. I got some video of husband and wife playing on their new toys. I evened had the pleasure of paddling with her brother Spence and son Dane one afternoon. Stay tuned for the video...who knows whatʻs on it, me wifey was videoing!?

See you in the water - in the morning - aloha!

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