Thursday, June 12, 2008

Stand Up Paddleboard Surfing Championships

This event will be held during the San Clemente Ocean Festival on Sunday July 20th. This is the first Stand Up Paddle Surfing Championship ever held during the Ocean Festival. On July 19th the Stand Up Paddle Surf Race will be help, like last year.

As for the Stand Up Paddle Surf Contest, the event is open to everyone! Judging is based on progressive & classic maneuvers and style (50%-50%) and the use of the paddle will be part of the judging criteria. The contest is on the North Side of San Clemente Pier. There is a TOTAL (men and ladies), TOTAL of 24 openings in this event so if you want in you best bust a move. If you got questions contact Jack Sutter, 949.481.1205 or

As for the Stand Up Paddle Surf Race, July 19th, 8:30am 10k. Get your paddle on!! You can register for the race at

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