Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Hoku is officially back

Last post 2 months ago. Been in the water a couple few times. Never got around to posting the happenings. Had some great solo sessions with one of my all time SoCal favorite peaks to myself. SUP'd with a bunch of buddies on less than less ok days. Here an hour there an hour.

This morning got a good session in down at Kaulapapa or Ron's Reef or Sharky's or Whitey's or Nukes or whatever you like call'em. I'll call it fun 3-4' occasional 5' with light offshore before 7am turning to a south wind with times of glassiness.

Surfed with Titus Kinimaka, Jimbo, Peter, Finger Lake's own Tracey "Princess of Dogpatch", , B-rad, Dennis the man , Mikey and Jerry-Anne were there. Abz showed up late! What's up with that Abby?

Had some good swim sprints from the outside to shore. It's an extra long swim when white sharky is lurking around. Mahalos Titus for your Aloha!

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