Sunday, June 28, 2009

1 Paddle 1 Surf 2 to take me home....

So after working 148 hours the past 10 days and finishing the work in the morning quicker then expected...I had the rest of the day with nothing planned. Time to go get some paddle on.

I text'd a buddy and put out a tweet for a paddle out of Dana Point Harbor grabbed my SUPS stuff and split. After waiting for parking, ggrrrrr summertime, I dropped the old reliable on the water and was headed somewhere out of the harbor.

With the predictable west wind blowing constant I figured a head wind paddle out and back downwind run would be the plan. As I made the turn around the jetty I changed it up a bit. Instead of a true head wind I picked a slight head wind. Paddle by the seals on green, lots of freshie pups, and made a line for old Glory.

As I made the turn around it felt good to have the wind on my back. I picked my line and headed back in. Took the center channel back up to Baby Beach and pau. I had a chance to share a little SUPS Aloha with Crystal before taking off.

I had to catch up on my honey do's and busted a couple out. But I could here the ocean calling me back. So a quick check on the tides, perfect timing... I jump back in the box and hope to catch some K-Papa as the sun goes down. So I spike my perfect water for some good hydration and cruise.

I pull up, three guys out and 2-3 feet of promising fun. And it was. 2 hours of waves and warm water. Stand Up Paddle Surfed in front for a while with Rob. With the tide doing it's thing it was pick and choose wisely or paddle paddle paddle. A few more guys showed up so I decided to solo it down to sharkies. A couple nice long long rides there and figured I catch waves back to my car.

I get out as the sun starts to touch the water and count my blessings. I rinse off, pack up and pick up dinner for me and momma at Pedros.

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