Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stand Up Paddling to Stand Up Paddle Surf

I haven't done this in a while. Been kind of lazy for the past few years I guess, got used to pulling up and paddling out at Kaulapapa (a SUPS friendly beach). Back in the day (pre SUPS craze) the hand full of us that were Stand Up Paddle Surfing used to paddle up and down the coast and catch waves here and there, I had lowers to myself one winter afternoon!

So today I paddle to paddle surf. The water surface was great for ocean paddling, a tail wind to get me there a few minutes quicker and the sun is already shining. I paddle out past the buoy and take a line to a trimaran that is anchored off my destination spot.

Clear water, clear enough to see the Great White called Jesse James or one of his relatives, and a small small swell. Friends in the line up and a couple of hours of standing around and talkin' story. Good times.

Oh and when you're SUPing together at a practically SUP only beach, on an itty-bitty day, it's uncalled for to call someone off a wave. No worries, we all know you shed the California Waikiki.... Kook.

Paddle with Alooooha!

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