Monday, July 28, 2008

Stand Up Paddle Surf Relations

Two by two we paddled to the waves. There was a great response to us SURFING in the line up with the rest of the wave sliders. Everyone was stoked, we were spotting the sets for the line up. This is what the spirit of the Sport of the Kings is all about, Aloha. Everyone was having fun, no attitudes, just good fun. And this is not a heavy Stand Up Paddle Surf spot.

Others see Stand Up Paddle Surfers having the ability to catch a lot of waves. I agree, however, I know most of the waves I surf are passed up by the packed line-up, and I see a lot of my fellow Stand Up Paddle Surfers do the same. As a matter of fact, I'm seen most of the time sitting on the inside of the short boarders and having a blast. I do not deny that there are KOOKS in the Stand Up Paddle Surf community, just as there are KOOKs on long boards, short boards, boogie boards, in cars on the freeway, etc, etc, etc. That's just there attitude in life. There are a bunch of bitter souls in this world and when they see everybody but themselves having fun they boo-hoo and poop themselves. It's the Sport of the Kings, we can only expect others to hold themselves to a higher standard.

So Aloha to all you Kings that share the wave wealth. Stand Up Paddle Surfers, long boarders, short boards, and all the others who have a love of the slide. And to the kooks who don't get it, we'll pray for you.

Paddle with Aloha. Peace out.

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