Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunset Stand Up Paddle

The winds were on it early today, so it was a lazy day. Cruised down to Dana Point Harbor with my wife. We like to hang out by the launch ramp and watch people wreck their stuff. It usually goes down like this; husband goes and gets the truck & trailer and leaves the wife and kids hanging out by the boat. He backs up the trailer up, she does the best she can and it gets crazy from there. Yelling and screaming.... good times.

Anyways, while hanging out we saw a couple guys that had a 6-8ft shark in their bow. Suddenly I felt the urge to go paddle.... weird. So after one stop for some ice cream I grab my Stand Up Paddle Surfboard and head down to the water. It's later in the day on a Sunday and as I drive down the wind is still blowing, the tide is high and the burnt beach-goers are calling it a day.

Head winds blowing, I paddle north and follow the sun's reflection in the water. 40 minutes later I make the turn-around and get ready for the ride back. Same winds now blowing on my back and 2-3 ft ocean swell I make the run south in half the time.

Get back in time to watch another day end with sand in my toes.

Playing around and included a map of the paddle. 40 minutes one way/ 20 minutes back. Good fun. Stand Up Paddle Surf Blessed.

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