Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Stand Up Paddle Surf Treadmill

aahhh by the subject line you probably are thinking some new Stand Up Paddle Surf blowflex invention. Nope, just tons of wind blowing down the harbor channels. It was great for a workout, 12-15kts with gusts. Wind to my back cruising down the long channel was fun. The tide was high enough that I skirted the rocks in the island side trying to stay with the wind swells as they "broke" . I only smacked my paddle once on the rocks... it was shallow. But cruising down the middle would have be boring. Ran in to Dennis (fellow longtime SUP'r), he was low-pro in a surf ski and laughed as we exchange thoughts of the Stand Up Paddle back upwind.

As I rounded into the center channel I got ready for the upwind strokefest that was to be. Ran into Brian (another longtime SUP'r) and like Dennis he choose an outrigger to play in today. Hmmmm. Anyways, I paddled up to the 'Fighting Irish' and flipped a U'y... (not a Uli) and made the downwind run back down the center channel. Came back up the long channel... another butt kicker and finished.

Windy days, good for sailing and SUPS punishment.

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