Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting SUP religion after church

Ran into an old friend from back in the day at the Shoreline today. We quickly planned a surf for the afternoon. The reports were not in our favor but sometimes good things happen to those who just show up. Today was one of those days.

What was suppose to be an hour session turned into a couple hours 'cause the waves and conditions were just too good to get out. I was on my 12 foot Ron House old faithful and having fun but really was missing my 9'6"... cause "rip so hard". My buddy was on his log (non SUPr... soon he'll cross over)

Anyways, didn't do much catching up, just a lot of "catching". It was more of a surf rotation, one after the other. Yes, that sounds like we caught a lot of waves, and we did, but no wave hoggin' was going on. There was plenty of waves and nobody really out. Good times, good stuff!

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