Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June gloom with waves plus SUPable surf

Slept in past sunrise, slow start out the door and had to run a quick errand before driving down to the beach chancing the winds/ tide combo yet still hopeful for a Stand Up Paddle session. The weather lately has been gray plus AM winds plus negative tides, if on Hawaii's 9th island (Vegas) I might as well write them a check with those odds.

I pull up and act as if I'm going to watch it before I go out. As I catch myself thinking that thought I backup and drive down to my spot (yeah I have a spot). With the low tide and exposed reef I choose to leash my 12 foot Ron House SUP Board. The classic old faithful. The crowds light on the south peak but they must have been giving away gold on the point just to the north, stupid crowded!

Paddled out and had some fun waves. Lefts, rights and about 20 minutes where the wind laid down and the faces cleaned up.

The big set for my session started marching on the horizon so I took it on myself to be the welcome wagon. Especially since the one other guy hanging out with me was stuck on the inside. I greeted the 5 foot swell with an Aloha and cruised back to my spot. Walked out in the sand, showered and started the work day.

So know I watch the winds hoping for a repeat.... with less winds.

Don't be a kook! Paddle with Aloha

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