Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday morning Stand UP Paddle fun in the crowd

Saturday AM. Swell is here but it's Saturday and I wanna go Stand Up some fun waves with a little juice on it. So I cruise to a spot that breaks off a rock reef that has some new sand in it. The tide is good, wind is good, crowd is overwhelming... and I'm the only Stand Up Paddle Surfer.

I paddle through the line up and get a couple hecklers, but they're bruddahs from the past so it's all good and in fun. However I get that vibe from others, they don't understand that I come packing Aloha.

Watching the sections come and go I paddle over to a spot that no ones really at on a wave that is make-able only on a SUP. Right after right after right. I'm riding my 9'6" and having fun smacking it on the bing bong! The fin configuration is loose which makes for a lot of fun.

Another wonderful day in the water. Sorry no pics, the skies are too gray.

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