Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday SUPS

It finally feels like a summer day here in San Clemente. The ohana and I head down to the beach to spend the afternoon down by the water. We grab our piece of of sand, the keiki gets his buckets and sand tools, momma has her beach chair and I slide out through the channel to catch some waves.

The line up is pinched together on this one peak, close to thirty guys. Long boards, shorts boards, soft top boards and now one Stand Up Paddle Board. The wind is blowing in such a way (combined with the funk in the tide) that the rights have an almost non-makeable section where the pack is sitting. And if one was to sit on what looks like it would be the shoulder, it would actually be the perfect spot to connect. So I choose to pick up "the leftovers" and NOT stand in the middle of the lineup.

So, these "left overs" are actually the place to be. Lefts and rights come in and it doesn't take long for the crowd to see that they're about 50 feet in the wrong direction. They move over so I cruise to a spot I little less inconsistent but with nobody there. Size wise it was a little bit bigger and every once in a while one connected right through the line and I ended up paddling a long way back :-)

After my wonderful SUPS session I hang with the boy building sandcastles. Life is good.

Remember to Paddle with Aloha and be a King not a Kook!

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