Saturday, July 31, 2010

Good day for a LONG Stand Up Paddle Board

These past few days have been great for the BIG Stand Up Paddle Surf boards. What... I though all SUPS boards were big. When the surf is ankle to knee I like to bust out my Ron House 12 footer. This board has been the fun old faithful. I've paddled it 20 miles plus, surfed itty-bitty wind chop and bombed the double overhead stuff on outside reefs. It's the all around stand up paddle length. If you're new to the sport and trying to figure out what size you should consider all these boards can do. If you're menehune size you can go 10.5- 11 feet, most adult males should consider a 12 footer if building a SUPS quiver is not an immediate option.

Today looks like more of the same surf. Small 2-3 feet of we're lucky. Get there before the winds show up. It does look like there is some long period southern energy headed our way. Cross your fingers and keep paddling. Here's what today looks like.

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