Saturday, July 24, 2010

Saturday Stand Up Paddle Surf treat

Usually don't find myself in the line up on Saturdays but the stars and planets aligned and I was able to get wet and SUP before an afternoon appointment. Wave and interval was perfect for a little spot that I like to frequent. 2-4ft surf with no winds until around noon plus the weekend crowd disappeared around 9AM.

Lefts rights and lots of walls. Too much south for this spot and the tides were making it perfect for Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Big deep spot on the main peak was my friend.

So now that today's session is history, what will manana bring??? Maybe 2-3'+ as the new SSW starts to fill in throughout Sunday?? Maybe.... and maybe the sun will come out too!

Happy SUPin' and Paddle with Aloha. (which means don't paddle into a line up and snag the first wave right out the hands of the guy that was sitting there for 20 minutes in perfect position. You know who you are KOOK! I saw the whole thing and you were wrong!)

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