Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Beware of the nasty water

Nobody has ever really considered Baby Beach one of the cleanest water swimming areas around but today was no bueno. Oil slick at Baby Beach in Dana Point Harbor. I jumped on my Stand Up Paddle Surfboard this afternoon and was bummed. The water was thick and the fuel rainbow was stink. It wasn't localized to the first 5 feet. From end to end of the shore at Baby Beach to the opening into the marina. If you got little one's keep them out of the water! (there is a little warning sign, it should be big a neon)

Regardless, I did a four 10 minute sprints for a good Stand Up Paddle Surf workout. Ran into a couple of Stand Up Paddle Surfers paddling around getting the hang of things. I always run into others down at Dana Point Harbor while doing my workouts.

Stay safe and Paddle with Aloha.

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