Saturday, January 20, 2007

Morning Chop Suey - Evening Glass

This morning was soupy, the tide was high and the south wind was blowing. I Stand Up Paddle Surfed downwind on my first leg. Even though I had some mixed up ocean swell and the wind at my back it still was a difficult run. 2.5 miles later I turned for the upwind, against the chop run back, more difficult. There was a couple of chops that knocked me right into the water. It was definitely a smooth water appreciation day.

Later this evening I cruised over to Dana Point Harbor and did a Stand Up Paddle Surf session in the calmness of the harbor. I ventured out to the buoy to check on the seals real quick. The sea conditions were a reminder of the morning workout. On the way back in I did some sprints on the glassy surface and practiced my pivot turns. As it started getting dark I was doing 360's by the pier, as Kyle would say, "having a break-through".

Check ya in the h20- Paddle with Aloha- be a King or be a kook! (you know who you are!)

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