Friday, January 26, 2007

Small Swell Lots of fun

We had a little swell show up this morning. There was a bunch of us Stand Up Paddle Surf-kine out in the water today. The conditions were good this morning with the offshore winds howling. You had to dig in or be blown back. Sensei-Ron was out sharing the aloha with a Stand Up Paddle Surfer south at the promise land. Lots of waves to be had and were had. The wind died down for a while then in a matter of minutes the south picked up and blew it out. The line emptied and we with paddles were double stoked.
Later on Kyle and I met up for an evening warm-up for tomorrow mornings race. The wind backed off a little and the nalus had a little more juice to them. Kyle nailed a nice floater right in front of my. We got out as the sun dropped behind the horizon. Stand Up Paddle Surf, good fun.

Oh and Alejondor says, "Tango un breakthrough."

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