Tuesday, January 9, 2007

By the early morning moon light

So Kyle and I had a packed day and needed to get in a good Stand Up Paddle Surf session in early, early dark thirty. We paddled out of kaulapapa and headed north again to the same spot yesterday. The water was still real clear and with the moon light bouncing off the water you could see the reflection off the fish scales underneath you, too cool. We made it up to the spot as the sun came up over the mountains to our south.

We paddled up to be greeted by 2-3 foot peelers again. Get this, we at a world renowned surf spot with decent surf all to our self. Nobody out and nobody walking down the beach to get it. Unreal. Normally this place is a zoo on a three foot day, with any better surf you need to have skills and be on it to get waves...never mind the attitudes that flare here.

So we catch some waves and paddle back to kaulapapa. Kyle gets out to get to his thing, I have another hour and practice pivot turns on the small surf. As the tide started to fill in the sets were decent. If you were without a Stand Up Paddle Surfboard, it was a good day to work.


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