Monday, February 5, 2007

100 Nalu Punini

Punini Stand Up Paddle Surf is where you enter the water in one place and cruise the coast up and down surfing breaks as you paddle. So Kyle and I hit the water at dark this morning and surfed Punini style north. Catching waves to your destination is the only way to go. As the sun was coming up we caught some waves just north of the bay. Had some fun left and right peelers. As the crowd started to fill in, (3 more guys) we punini up north some more. We dialed in at the next couple breaks and surfed there for the majority of the three hour session.

Kyle was just north of me catching some juicy little nuggets. Two guys south, I was on this wave machine the whole time. Long, long right sliders all to myself. I catch one, paddle back, catch one, paddle back, catch one... I'd say this is where the majority of the 100 nalus came from.

Working our way back south we stopped in at all those other spots. The tide changed up and one section had some real juice to it for the day. Some fast little wedges. We paddled back to kaulapapa's through the sea of attitudes and caught a couple last waves with fellow revolutionized Stand Up Paddle Surfers Ron and Tracy. The beginning to another beautiful day. Thank you Lord!

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