Saturday, February 17, 2007

Standamaran Day

No racing this weekend so I took the standamaran for a little paddle. As far as the racing aspect of Stand Up Paddle Surfing the standamaran has got to be the fastest board out there. Ron House dreamed this up and shaped and all I have to say is it moves. I paddled out of Dana Point Harbor and took off more than a minute and a half off my time for almost a mile. So I did some sprints and cruised out to the green buoy. (Note to self...lots of boats on a beautiful and warm Saturday afternoon makes for lots of choppy chop.)

On my way in a met Marty and let him take the standamaran out for a cruise. He came back with the same comments...straight and fast. We talked a little and he jumped on his Stand Up Paddle Surfboard for a afternoon paddle. Looks like some surf on call for Monday.

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