Friday, February 9, 2007

Aloha Friday

Is there ever a bad day when Stand Up Paddle Surfing. I paddled out solo from kaulapapa early and cruised north. Being Friday and all the talk about the surf these past couple days the water was crowded early. I bypassed all the crowds and paddled up to one of my favorite spots. I got there and caught a couple warm up waves and decided to continued north. It didn't seem to be working like it was earlier this week so I cruised a little south. On my way this little left started to show so I stayed there for the next hour and had clean lefties all by myself. A couple laydown guys saw how much fun I was having and tried joining me. They could paddle into the nalus and called it a morning.

I headed back to kaulapapa's way of the deep water. I paddled way out to sea and made a line back into the line up. As I got closer there were five other Beach Boy Style surfers. I caught a nice open water swell into the crowd and caught a couple waves with everyone. Ron House, Dennis, Norm, and couple guys I didn't get a chance to meet. B-rad paddled out as I was headed in.

While I was packing up to start my day. Jimmy the paddle maker, showed up with a couple of his friends, Pat and one other guy. They all paddled out as the wind died down for a while. I talked with Kyle later when he got down there and the wind had picked back up blowing the wrong way.

So tomorrow's race is in Newport Beach at the Newport Beach Aquatic Center. Races start at 9am and the fees are $20.00. Check out the calendar for more known events. If you know of something not on it, email me and make sure we post'em. See you in da mornin'

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