Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hey we said south swell not south wind

I feel asleep last night to the thoughts of a holding south swell mixed with a little bit of northwest that was on call. I checked the wind before going hitting the rack, nothing. Everything looking good for the morning.

I sneak out of the house early this morning, anxious for some Stand Up Paddle SURFING with the boys. The normal morning gloom was hanging around but as I get off the freeway I see the bumps... and not the good kind.

Park and wonder, "do I paddle out....?" Brad, Tim, Peter, Brandon are there taking there time, chatting it up. The south wind is blowing fairly consistent and the tide is still working it's way back up. We talk story a little and Peter and I say go for it.

We paddle out to Nukes and catch a couple before the rest of the line up comes out. A couple hours of windy, 2-4ft and I'm all pau.

Hanging on the sand with G$, Tracey, Jerry Ann, Brain and Blue we talk story for a bit. Remembering yesterday and all the, "you missed its".

Unfortunately there was one common thread to both conversations, where we cannot surf lately and all the different reasons why. Hmmmmmmmmmm.....

to be continued..........

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