Sunday, July 26, 2009

Big outer reef SUPS bombs

Yesterday morning more bombs to Stand Up Paddle Surf. By accident of incident most of our local crew ends up on an outer reef that only breaks when it's really big. As a matter of fact the inside reef only breaks when the ocean is pumping some juicy swell. There we a couple of guys towing in the day before.

Originally three of us squeaked the shore break and paddle over to a left working off one of the semi-submerged rocks. We cruised over there for a couple of waves but were watching another spot. After seeing a steady stream of incoming surf we paddled over and to much our delight were greeted by most of everyone we Stand Up Paddle Surf with at Kaulapapas.

It was pretty fun dialing in a spot you never get a chance to surf a lot, or ever. It took a minute, but we realized where we needed to be and start to have some real fun. Sliding down these faces were a blast. Big open faced waves on a Stand Up Paddle Board is good.

The tide started to feel in and it became difficult to paddle into. We cruised in to battle the shore break again. This time the tide was higher and it was dumping on the sand/ rocks. Trying to negotiate this was on my 12 footer was anything but graceful. I think some of it was after having so much fun outside I didn't care. I pulled in to one, made a bad judgement call, took a couple thumpers on the head and let it drag me across the beach. I little rock rash and sand in the shorts never hurt. It got so bad the Rangers closed the lot down because of the water and beach coming up on the parking lot.

We drove by today and you would have never known that the bombs of yesterday were even there. The swell is backing off everywhere. I actually broke out my short board, found some of my favorite rights and craved my initials in a couple.

Hope everybody had as much fun as I did.

Oh and here is some video of SUPS at the Wedge.