Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A sharky fun filled day at San O the Stand Up Paddle Surf way

Smooth as glass this morning and all most as flat. No expectations but fun on days like this. These are the days that make Stand Up Paddle Surfing so much fun... pure fun.

Well if there was one expectation it would be that this guy would see our resident Great White again. G-Money has the most spottings of fluffy the past couple weeks. No fluffy today, just a couple leopard sharks, a couple sand sharks and a good size thresher or blue... hard to tell. 4-6ft long and splashy.... he flicked a little water at K-MO today.

But seriously.... there have been legit shark sightings at San Onofre, one has been a Great White. And I'm not sure about this guys shark story!? So if that kind of thing freaks you out don't get in the water. If you're bleeding at all... don't get in the water. And don't forget this, that where they've always been. Let's get freaked out when we see them on land.

K-Mo doing his thing on the tiny tiny surf... taking a little walk.

Finding the nose....

Executing his patented cut back.

Our wahine for the session, the Abinator!

Half the line up.... smiles for miles.

Hoku out.

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