Monday, July 6, 2009

SUPS and flying sharks?

Out at whitey's this morning the surf was plentiful. Solid south filled in and made for some fun stand up paddle surf rides. Consistent shoulder high surf, the rights were a little better choice than the lefts. Plenty of swell energy to surf and cut back and forth and back and forth, the old, "I'm going straight!" with style.

The Robs were out there, G$, Jerry Anne, Brian was rippin' and a WHOLE bunch more SUPS'rs. Hung out on the beach for a bit, got some work done and watched the tide flood the break. Saved some energy for tomorrow.

Laddahs...Paddle with Aloha.

Oh and the flying sharks.... apparently their doing their impersonation of the South African Great White breaching. This one isn't as big, only 5 feet.

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