Saturday, December 30, 2006

Could have been Saturday

This morning at kalaupapa was interesting. It could have been because it was Saturday or everybody got a Stand Up Paddle Surfboard for Christmas. There was a crowd of Stand Up Paddle Surfers in the water. Six to eight in the water at a time, at least fifteen that rotated through the few hours we were in it. All levels of skill being represented today.

Some were sharing the Aloha and others seemed to be...not. Those who weren't probably got that "you're a kook" vibe from the lay-down guys they paddled into north of us. They had some skill, not entirely why they felt the above mentioned "kook" vibe. Just a guess, could be why they came and joined us...acceptance.

There was one wahine that was an inspiration to all. It was her very first time out and she was on it. She had a solid stance and was paddling for the small kine surf and catching 'em. You go girl!

No pictures from today, everyone forgot their cameras. Beautiful day, small waves, lots of kelp anchors. Good meeting all those out their that I met, Tracy, Brian.

Paddle with Aloha.

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