Friday, December 22, 2006

Good Training

I had a windy surprise this afternoon. I paddled out of Dana Point Harbor with a slight tail wind. As I rounded the red buoy just outside I felt the wind pick up little more. I didn't think much of it. The further I paddled from the harbor the faster the wind seemed to blow. As I rounded the swim section buoy I realized it wasn't my imagination.

The winds were full blown in my face. I had to adjust my course somewhat to finish my Stand Up Paddle Surf session. I pointed more out to sea shooting for the opening of the harbor zig-zaging the ocean swells. I guess I peaked the curiosity of harbor patrol. They came out of the harbor and shadowed my course from a distance. (Thanks for looking out guys.) It wasn't victory at see but my shorts were soaked from the wind and swells. Most of the time the nose of my Stand Up Paddle Surfboard was under water...good training.

I made it into the harbor and the wind was howling down the channel. All flags were standing at attention. When I made it back to the car I checked my watch and noticed my times were all jacked up because of the wind. It set some personal bests on the way out and it took almost twice as long to make it back. Good training.


Anonymous said...

What a great article on "Stand Up Paddle Surf". For us back here in Texas surf is not like the West Coast. However, been raise in Hawaii and surfing with the great legends back in the 60's only brings back what this great sport can provide to future surfers.

Thanks son for keeping the TRADITION.
Dad College Station Texas

Beat the hell outa CA..Bears

e-ric said...

Awesome, thats good to hear it. Aloha and tell mom we love her.