Monday, December 4, 2006

Stand Up Paddle Surfing Afternoon

Awesome Stand Up Paddle Surfing session this afternoon at Dana Point Harbor. Kyle and I hooked up and did a lap around the harbor. We made a Stand Up Paddle Surf run to the first buoy. The ocean had a little bump to it but nothing too major. We turned back towards the harbor and had to dig through the wind.

As we paddle up for our second lap we ran in to Dennis, Preston and C.J. So the five of us headed back out downwind via the long harbor. As we paddled around past the sandbar the wind died down and everything glassed off. We exited the harbor to chase down knee high surf at Doheny. Stand Up Paddle Surfing is a good time no matter how big or small it is.

It was a beautiful sunset on the water, glassed off conditions back in to the harbor and as we paddle through the marina the wind began to pick back up. A good two and a half hours of Stand Up Paddle Surfing. My wife showed up a snapped a couple shots of Kyle and I warming up. To check them out click the picture.

Stand Up Paddle Surf with Ahola.

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