Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Small, Windy, Cold, Fun?

Today was a mix of offshore paddling, some surfing and a little of downwind cruising. Kyle called mid morning to see what was going on. By the time he swung by and we actually paddled out the wind started to blow. In between that time we ran into a couple of other Stand Up Paddle Surfers that paddled from town. It's cool to hear the stories of how the aloha of this sport is being shared in the water. They had a couple stories from today on the great reception they had on there way down the coast. No doubt they were acting like kings and not kooks.

So Kyle and I jumped into the waves and paddled outside and headed north about a mile and a half. The wind was in our face and we were digging. Nevertheless it still was quicker than walking. When we got to where we were going to turn around we stayed and played. There was only another two guys. Decent waves considering the windy conditions.

We headed back south, surfing are way back when we could. We played a little bit longer on this one right. Small but long rides. There were four other guys out here and we were helping them spot waves. It's a cool feeling to let some good waves go by and let others enjoy themselves.

After a few waves there we caught the downwind run back to the car. We were surfing little ocean swells south, plus the wind. What took about 15 minutes one way took only 5, if that on the way back.

Most of the fun had while Stand Up Paddle Surfing is on the way to the surf. Good day, good fun.

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