Friday, December 15, 2006

Quick course

This afternoon's Stand Up Paddle Surf workout was nice. I paddled out of Dana Point Harbor with a slight head wind, around the first red buoy and then followed a line to the white swim section buoy that is in line with Olamendi's (orange building in between the white/blue and grey/blue hotels just north of the pedestrian overpass, Capistrano Beach). Once at the swim buoy I picked a line headed towards the river mouth. As I came closer to the river mouth I was lined myself up with the outside lines of waves that were breaking at Doheny.

As I paddled this portion the wind switched and so I continued to paddle into the wind. I stayed on the outside of the surf and made a line just to the inside of Boneyards. I made my corner at the rocks and skirted the jetty breakwater back in to the harbor opening. With the slight winds and the fairly calm conditions I cruised in around 24:30 minutes (time outside the harbor). It's a decent open water Stand Up Paddle Surf route if you don't have much time. It could be shorter if you rounded the corners more. This is called the Capo Bay Short.

I finished my workout just in time. As I paddled up the long harbor the sky's started to darken and the winds picked up. On my back to San Clemente I looked out at Poche's and the wind was bumpin' up the surface. Good timing, good quick workout.

Stand Up Paddle Surf with aloha. Be a king not a kook.

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