Saturday, December 9, 2006

Dana Point, T-Street and Church

What a day. The swell filled in a little this afternoon. I went open water stand up paddle surfing this morning. Paddled for an hour outside Dana Point Harbor. Always busy on the weekends.

Came home, switched boards and jumped in the water down at T-street for an hour or so. My back was feeling the stand up paddle from earlier. Got out of the water and thought that I would eat lunch and do some updates to but my buddy Chris called during my first bite.

"Wanna catch some waves?", he asks..."right on" is usually my answer to that question. He shows up, we load my board in his van and off to Church we go. We show up at Church and the lines are head high, slight wind bump, but very fun. Chris catches some good rights and I catch a couple here and there. I'm really starting to feel it from this morning's stand up paddle surf. We surf a little after sunset and call it a day...a really good day.

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