Thursday, December 14, 2006

Power Position

A busy day but I had time in between appointments to get in a Stand Up Paddle Surf workout. A quick run home and down to Dana Point Harbor for an hour workout. Today as I was paddling I was looking for the sweet spot on my new Stand Up Paddle Surfboard.

It was only a couple of weeks ago when I put in my order (Super Size Me Please). There was another custom order that was the same dimensions of mine and the guy last minute changed his mind so Ron House being da kine he is hooked me up early. You the man Ron. Oh and these boards are shaped for this, Stand Up Paddle Surf. They are not a tandem board, paddle board, very big longboard, sailboard missing the sail. These boards are made for Stand Up Paddle Surfing on open water and in waves. If you really want to progress in any area of this sport you're going to need the right equipment.

So I'm down doing the L-runs at Dana Point Harbor. I start mid board and go at a warm-up pace downwind run. Cruise it about 10:32 minutes. I turn around, step up a little forward and really dig on the way back in to the wind. The wind wasn't as bad as yesterday but it was present. I turn a time of 10:32 minutes, ok. Two different paddle paces and two different positions on the board and the wind with me verses against me...same time both ways.

Second set. Downwind this time I dig and move in between the past two spots on the board. Granted I'm running downwind a cross around 9:42 minutes. On the way back this time I step back on the board the furthest of the day and dig in to the wind and show at 10:05 minutes. Big difference.

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