Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Da Colony

Waves, there's still waves and it looks like there is going to be waves all week. Ron House, K-Mo and myself Stand Up Paddle Surf'd head high waves all to our self this morning. Was good eh. Ron just got a new toy with a water housing and got some good pictures of K-Mo. We'll post more later to www.kingzofthecoast.com Ron had the best kine wave of the day but he was the one taking the pics.

The wind didn't pick up until we left so needless to say we had a great time. Long lefts and rights...words can't do it justice. Stand Up Paddle Surfing, or beachboy surfing, is the best when it's just you and some friends cheering each other on and sharing waves. We all had good fun and left tired and stoked.

Kyle and I plan on another Stand Up Paddle Surf session tomorrow morning around seven in the a.m. If you like, come paddle with us.

Paddle with aloha, laddahs.

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