Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sunday paddle on Tuesday

After all the Christmas activites these past couple days I got some rest and a late start today. The wind was starting to blow and nobody wanted to surf so I headed solo down to Dana Point Harbor for a "loosen up" session of Stand Up Paddle Surf .

I cruised down the long channel, taking my time, checking out the marine life in the kelp. I got to the harbor entrance in ran into a friend and his family coming back from a morning of boating. I paddled over and grabbed on to the bow of his boat and we talk story.

Afterwards I paddled over to Doheny to check out the surf and see if a friend of mine might be hanging out with his family and his brother. No sign of him or surf so I headed back out to sea. Got a little ways past the harbor and the winds picked up enough to tell me to head back. Easy day today. Maybe some good surf in the morning. They say rain, we'll see.

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