Monday, December 11, 2006

Mo gas

Plenty of surf to go around this weekend. After the great day Saturday and taking yesterday off I had an opportunity to run down for a couple quick laps of Stand Up Paddle Surfing at Dana Point Harbor. The winds started to pick up about 10:30 this morning and by the time I got down to the harbor the winds were on it. The winds make for good resistance workouts in the harbor. Try and match your downwind and upwind time in the long habor, it's a work out.

As I left the harbor and got in the chop and unprotected winds I started to feel that my gas tank was empty. I realized why I was feeling sluggish, I slacked on my vitamins over the weekend. Mix that in with the rich food lately with all the good Christmas parties, and there you go...slow-mo slow down. My vitamins should be here tomorrow. I have an automatic shipment of the good stuff that gets delivered to me each month, so easy and convenient. You got to check out

Tomorrow morning we're going to surf it up at the colony. I know of three, maybe four of us that are going to be there. Should be a great morning for Stand Up Paddle Surfing. The winds died down early tonight. Maybe see you there, eight-ish.

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